this weekend

This Weekend

This weekend will be another busy one as I am back east celebrating and am in a friend’s wedding. It ushers in a new season and chapter of friendship for us. One of many new chapters that I hope for in the future. I’ll raise my glass, break out my nerdiest dance moves, and cut a rug like nobody’s watching. Maybe you’ll have a few spontaneous dance parties yourself this weekend? Afterall T.Swift is playing, the kitchen is empty, and it’s the weekend. Time to celebrate!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Meanwhile, here are a few links to check out this weekend:

– This baseball player has a $2 million dollar signing bonus for the Blue Jays, but spends his offseason living in a VW van. Read all about his deliberate simplicity here.

-Looking for a fresh cocktail to serve at a St. Patty’s day brunch? Meet the beermosa. Today I’m guest posting this recipe over on Feast+West. Cheers to no green beer this year!

-Having a chocolate craving? Want to feel healthy while you’re at it? Head over to Pure2Raw¬†for some delicious looking raw vegan triple chocolate cheesecakes.

-This collection of graphic design inspiration From Up North is absolutely perfect. It makes me excited to practice my handlettering on my return flight west. (Something I’m still practicing. One of these days though, my hand drawn curves will be perfect.)



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