how to host your first thanksgiving

How To Host Your First Thanksgiving (And Love It)

Stressful. Overwhelming. Visions of flour everywhere and turkey served frozen. If you’ve never hosted Thanksgiving before there’s an implicit amount of stress that can come with this food centered gathering. We’ve put together this post to show you the essentials for all things turkey day and share tips for making it the best thanksgiving yet! Because you’re gathering some amazing people around you and it should be fun. Below you’ll find a sample menu, (Find our 2015 and 2016 Friendsgiving celebrations here.) week of prep list, and tips and tricks for making the day simple and enjoyable as you gather friends and family members around the table.

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love and influence

An Honest Talk about Love and Influence

Over the years through the Internet, we’ve found celebrity and significance in the feeds and scrolling that fill our days. As I look to inspiration, pattern, and creativity that fills our days, there’s a necessary purpose and meaning that comes to the surface. For many creatives, we quickly realized focusing on impact is the best solution. With this comes algorithms, a need to increase following, raise a tribe, and boost engagement. As our networks increase, so does our influence. It’s all done in the name of impact.

In this Season

In This Season

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m currently writing in a favorite coffee shop, looking out the window as the rain pours down. Where I live rain days are few and far between. Over the past few months, I’ve been functioning at a crazy pace. I come home after long days and often crash in bed. But at the same time, I’m realizing I’m living my dream, the thing I’ve wanted for years. My spirit is often full, but my body becomes so tired at the same time. Maybe you’ve been there?

fall home edit

Cozy Up: Fall Home Edit

Our fall nights are long, seriously long. With daylight savings in full force and surrounded by the mountains, it gets dark at 4 o’clock in the evening. It’s the perfect time for all those home projects that you’ve been putting off as we played outside during the summer. Keep reading for 5 ways to make your home fall ready after the jump!