currently loving glossier

Currently Loving: Glossier

Around here we don’t talk much about makeup but when we do we have a serious love for the products that fill our beauty regimen. When I stumbled upon Glossier products I knew I had met my match. Believing that great skin is essential to any makeup routine, their products focus on light applications and phenomenal products. They bring a fresh approach to makeup, with smart minimal branding, and a message that is perfect for any millennial who loves a more natural approach while wanting a bit more than a bare face.

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red white and blue salad

Red, White, and Blue Salad

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we opted to share a healthy side. This salad is amazing and one of our favorite creations to date. With nuances of flavor it texture, the profiles are robust and far from a standard barbeque side. There’s the subtle sweetness of berries, the bite of red onion, crunch of raw almonds, and the punch of roquefort blue cheese. It says festive, looks stunning, and isn’t overdone.

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navigate new york subway

How to Navigate the New York Subway System

Let me begin by stating when I headed to New York I wanted to avoid public transit at all cost. After our first night of walking 5 miles I quickly realized that I was going to need to learn the New York Subway system and fast. I can’t say that I found super helpful resources online, so I wrote this post as a resource and to fill in the gaps.

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What I Wore New York

What I Wore: NYC

When packing for trips, I must confess, I tend to be an overpacker. Over the years as I’ve leaned toward more basics and a minimal wardrobe, my luggage has gotten lighter. (Which was perfect, leaving room for shopping in New York.) This What I Wore post, isn’t quite as seasonal as I expected it to be. New York was unseasonably cold with the exception of our last few days. It made layering essential throughout the trip. Regardless, I think we hit the perfect note of on trend looks, staying warm, and I loved the trick we used for our night at the theater.

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5 Must See Spots in Brooklyn

Ever since I knew I was going to New York, I knew I wanted to visit Brooklyn. Brooklyn has been thriving over the past decade and is the place to explore. I planned a whole day for a visit and it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. From the beautiful cobblestone streets to James Beard and Michelin star restaurants, enjoy wandering this stunning (and quieter) area of New York.

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