tasting tour australia

Tasting Tour: Australia

Australia has amazing food. Regardless of whether you’re in a city of millions or a town of 300, there will always be a pub, cafe, and bakery, full of delicious finds. Aussie’s love their meat and fresh food. Many of the ingredients that have caused controversy in the states are banned in food production in Australia. Because of this, there are no hormones, genetically modified ingredients, artificial food color, and high fructose corn syrup allowed in food. Even a simple sliced tomato with salt and pepper on toast, brings the fullness of flavor of a tomato. With a diet focused on fresh veggies, meat, and some of the best breads you’ll find, discover the tastes of Australia.

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photo diary australia

Photo Diary: Australia

It’s been a week hiatus from the blog and for good reason. I’ve just returned from a work trip to Australia. It was a great nine day adventure and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed traveling to this country. First, a few facts about Australia. (Some of which I didn’t realize prior to getting there.) Australia is a country and land mass equivalent to the United States in size, minus the state of Alaska. Second, it boasts of population of 24 million people. Needless, to say the country is wild, exotic, and full of beauty to be discovered. In seven days, we merely scraped the tip of what is this beautiful country and can’t wait for our next trip to explore more.

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coconut cacao mousse

Coconut Cacao Mousse with Berries and Mint

There’s something about dessert. The finishing note to any dinner and the perfect antidote to an sweet tooth. When it comes to the Whole30 recipes, dessert is hard to come by outside of a small plate of fruit. This recipes stays true to guidelines and provides a delicious smooth finish made in around five minutes (outside of freezing time).

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oven roasted asparagus with lemon and garlic

Oven Roasted Asparagus with Lemon and Garlic

If there’s one vegetable I could never tire of it would be asparagus. I know it’s shown up on the blog time and time again for this very reason. Whether made into asparagus fries (insert link) or served with an aioli and eggs, there’s something about this vegetable that I adore. This recipe is a classic and staple in our house, perfect in time for asparagus season.

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