casual friday

Casual Friday Vol 2

Happy Friday everyone!

It has been a full week around here as I’m prepping for another travel season. I’m heading to the coast for a few days and then to Seattle the following week. Preparation and getting ahead always seems like a huge feat, regardless of how much I plan. (Have any tips or tricks? Please let me know!) Today I’m sharing a few behind the scenes photos of life and the blog the past few weeks.

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what's in my bag

What’s in My Bag?

Today I decided to share that crazy question, all men are afraid to ask and most women wonder of one another. What’s actually in my bag? For many this bag and it’s contents have seemed like that of Mary Poppins. It seems that the amount it can hold is endless and somewhat magical. Here are some of my daily essentials that are always in my bag.

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layered hummus dip

Layered Hummus Dip

There’s something about summer. I don’t know if it the busyness of things, the incredibly hot temperatures, or remaining active and outside, but I struggle to eat when it comes around. Most of my days are filled with shakes, salads, and as dusk rolls around I usually manage to get a warm meal in my system. Because of this I’m always on the search for quick and easy recipes for meals that can double as snacks. This has been a recent favorite and can be made in a snap. Whether you choose to make it with store-bought hummus or a homemade recipe, this dip is fresh, has a zing, and is healthy.

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summer makeup picks

My Summer Makeup Picks

With the summer season in full force, I decided to let you inside my makeup bag. When it comes to summer makeup, I like to keep things light and minimal. I’m one who prefers a more natural look and was known for rarely wearing makeup in college. When it comes to choosing makeup, I’ve been impressed with how the makeup industry has adapted to the needs and demands of more natural products for customers. They have evolved far past the basic mineral powders of 10 years ago. I’ve found brands that I love and am always looking for the best makeup to place on my skin. With my day-to-day use of makeup, I like to keep a limited color palette of nudes keeping things light and bright. These products are some of my favorites and will last in the water, sweat, and sun.

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let there be peace on earth


This Friday I woke up to a full news feed. And while I would love to say that it is full of fun summer photos and adventures, it has a different tone this morning. Full of current events, people’s opinions, and recent calamity, this time in France. I think about friends who are from France, the place this country has in their story, and the beauty of spirit and culture this place holds.

I think about the mass shootings of the past month and the tension brought about by the election year. The division and evil it has revealed. While I am far from hopeless, I’ve seen the dividing line it has brought with it. The lack of compassion and heart it has revealed in this nation.