blog business plan

How to Write a Blog Business Plan

When it comes to managing and running your own business, there are countless lessons I have learned. When I graduated running my own business was the last thing on my mind. I saw design as an additional skill set I was good at, but I was far more concerned about finding a job as a pastor than I was about numbers, sales, and setting my own hours. Two years later life had taken a few surprises and here I was, a 1099 designer for a company. How would I grow my business? What did taxes look like? Where would I even begin? Simple day in and day out tasks have learning curves. In a perfect world, I would love to focus solely on content creation, art direction, and clients. In reality my days are filled with emails, pitches, media kits, contracts, invoices, and bookkeeping. How do you keep moving forward? I love dreams and putting action steps to them. Meet the blog business plan.

Every year I sit down and write a business plan for the blog. This includes collaborations, ways to have passive income, and engagement goals. By writing things down I have a solid idea of what I’m going to do and direction each and every year.

Are you looking to start a blog? Wonder what it takes to find your readers and turn a blog into a business?

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over the knee boots

How to Wear: Over the Knee Boots

With today being a day dedicated to all things love, I decided to share a winter fashion trend I’ve been loving lately. While I wouldn’t rock this look on an everyday basis, for a special night out there’s something about the over the knee boot trend. It brings in the wow factor, elevating something as simple as skinny jeans or a black silk dress into a head turner. I think that’s why I loved putting together this post so much. You won’t find me hopping onto every winter trend, but after styling these boots three different ways, I must admit that I’m hoping the over the knee boot will have staying power for a few more years to come. (That and with most of your leg covered, you won’t need to worry about keeping your legs warm for the winter weather, which is always a big win.)

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mediterranean bowl

Mediterranean Quinoa Bowls

When it comes to meals during the workweek, I find that meal prepping is vital for making healthy choices when evenings are full and the days are long. This has been one of my favorite go-to meals for a while and it keeps things light and fresh while providing plenty of protein and energy to stay moving.

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How to Wear: Leather Leggings

With every winter, comes a resurgence of trends. One I’ve been hesitant to hop onto is the leather legging. However, after a few hours perusing Pinterest one night and I was sold. I knew they would be a versatile addition to my minimalist wardrobe for the winter months. Did I mention that they’re incredibly comfortable and warm? Enough said, they were purchased and can be styled a variety of different ways.

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Portland City Guide

Portland. Located 6 hours north, it’s the perfect weekend getaway. A few weekends ago we headed to Portland, part for play and part for work, completing photoshoots for a few clientts. Last time I was in Portland, it was 6 years ago on a road trip with a college roommate. At the time we stayed in a hostel and were living on a road trip budget. This time my visit to Portland surprised me in the best of ways. No longer a quirky city, Portland has grown and flourished with amazing spots past the downtown corridor. We decided to explore Portland like a local and found spots that are impressive and past keeping Portland weird. My second visit to Portland was lovely and I can’t wait to visit again soon.

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