apple crisp for 2

Apple Crisp for Two

In the days of fall, I’ve found that apples have taken the back seat to all things pumpkin. In honor of days and those found picking apples in the orchard, this recipe is perfect. Adapted for a smaller crowd (I love splurging on dessert occasionally, but don’t like having it around. It’s just too tempting.), this recipe is great for cool lit nights on the back porch under the string lights. With oats and cinnamon, this recipe is a lighter and quick take on a traditional apple pie.

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un-dinner party

How to Host the Un-Dinner Party

You’ve been wearing the same thing all day. You don’t go to the store, you don’t even touch up your makeup. With two hours in between work and dinner, is it possible to have people over and enjoy it? You use what’s in the pantry and fridge. You choose to not sit around the table alone, but instead invite others into a simple meal. It’s just that-simple. No flowers or foraging. Not even thirty minutes to clean the house. Life won’t be perfect or the most amazing magazine spread all the time.

Meet the un-dinner party.

how to write

How to Write for Your Audience

As a creative, there’s always something to say. Something from deep within that our hearts and minds long to articulate our voice and put in form. Where symbols and letters collide to make words, formed into paragraphs that bring meaning our days. For some of us, we have dreams of writing, books that have been on our mind for years. For others, well we plainly hate writing. What started out as dreading writing assignments in primary school, has lead to a lack of confidence with the written word. It’s an inevitable facet of life, but one you dread. Whether it’s Instagram descriptions, drafting emails, or sending out a Christmas card update, any time someone mentions writing you’d rather go to the dentist. Like it or not, writing is part of our daily lives.

Here are a few things we’ve learned over the past two years that are vital when it comes to writing.

letter to millennials

An Open Letter to Millennials: It’s Time for Something New

For many of you, you know my story. It is one of incredible victory and agonizing defeat. One where every day was a choice. I was met with obstacles throughout my twenties and left me with a few options. I could stay stuck where I was, swallowing with it the bad cards I was dealt, or choose to stick to my beliefs and move forward. On certain days it was grueling. Other days there was ebb and flow, with the grace to navigate life. It was and has never been easy. I graduated from college in the worst economy imaginable. It was 2009. I had great grades, 5 internships under my belt, and a double major. It took me 4 months to get hired on a church staff and 14 months later, I found myself looking for another job. More than anything my twenties have been full of work, endurance, and brute will.

when the mountains meet amber and fog

When the Mountains Meet Amber and Fog Playlist

It seems as if life has been on repeat as of late. More than the proverbial groundhog day, I’m finding myself in moments and days where I take a deep breath and dive in, knowing that as long as I take it day-by-day, things will come in time. While it seems exaggerated at a point, there’s huge value for living in the present and becoming aware. Around here, we’ve had a few days filled with crisp mornings, fresh mountain air, and the trees are beginning to turn the perfect shade of amber. It is the first year I’ve been in NorCal where it truly feels like my favorite season. In honor of this I’m sharing 5 albums perfect for these days. Bring on the weekend, full of dinner parties, cooking for friends, and gathering around the common table.

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