no money challenge

Introducing the No Money Challenge

It all started out as a normal Monday. I worked out, made coffee, did some reading, sand got ready for the day. I packed up my bag and headed to the office. Then my business partner and came in and made a statement that stopped me in my tracks. It was simple, but stunningly provocative. She stated, “I’m going to try to spend no money this week.” As soon as I heard this, I immediately became reflective. “Could I do it? Is this something that I could accomplish?” I received it as my personal challenge for the week.

shrimp linguine pasta

Weeknight Dinners: Shrimp Linguine Pasta

Every now and again, you need a few simple recipes that are go-tos. This recipe has become a favorite and has been on repeat this week. It’s creamy, tangy, and comforting. For the moments where the day is long and you want dinner in 15 minutes flat, make this dish. It’s a game changer. Promise.

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this weekend

This Weekend

Happy Friday everyone!

This week has been another full one. I’m super thankful for product management and apps that keep me organized. This week we’ve been preparing for styling at a calligraphy workshop, working on another seasonal foodie collaboration, finding sponsorship for the fall and filling out permanent renters at WORK. (If you haven’t checked out the space yet, you totally should here.) I’ve also been working on a personal challenge that I can’t wait to share with you guys. It’s going to be incredible and is going to push the envelope a bit! I’m excited to post it here and start the conversation.

haricot verts

Haricot Verts in Herbed Brown Butter

One of my favorite French dishes to prepare are haricot verts. A stringy fresh green bean of French origin, they’re typically in season during the summer. They are easy and quick to prep. I love placing them in green bean salads or making them as a side dish. Keep reading for the full recipe after […]

tomato tart

Tomato Tart

There’s something about a delicious tart. This blend of flavors, juxtaposition of hot and room temperature, melts in your mouth and is absolutely amazing. My favorite part of making the tarte, is the satisfaction in the detail of perfectly laying out the tomatoes in the round. (Call me obsessive, but I love it.) This tart has pungent flavor of fresh herbs, tanginess of goat cheese, and the crispness of a butter pastry. Add ripe summer tomatoes in their peak, shreds of fresh basil, and crystals of sea salt, this showstopper is complete!

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