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whats in my bag camping

What’s In My Bag: Camping Edition

Last weekend, we spent our first weekend out in the woods and camping with a group of friends. It was my first trip since moving to NorCal and a much needed reprieve. Not to mention, I was able to get my kayak out for the first time this season. A welcome sight indeed. While I might have encountered a few more furry creatures than I would have prefered, all in all, the trip was a huge success. There are a few tips and tricks that we absolutely love and are perfect, whether you prefer backpacking or car camping.

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what's in my bag australia

What’s In My Bag: Melbourne, Australia

The day has come! As we speak I’m flying over the Pacific Ocean to travel to Australia. While it will be a quick trip, around 7 days to be exact, I can’t wait to experience a distant land that I have already come to love. It’s been a battle to get on the plane, but one where the promise of adventure has been worth all the hustle.

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what's in my bag

What’s in My Bag?

Today I decided to share that crazy question, all men are afraid to ask and most women wonder of one another. What’s actually in my bag? For many this bag and it’s contents have seemed like that of Mary Poppins. It seems that the amount it can hold is endless and somewhat magical. Here are some of my daily essentials that are always in my bag.

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whats in my bag los angeles

What’s in My Bag: Los Angeles, California

Hello from L.A!

With another week on the road, I opted to pack light and keep things neutral. Knowing that I was packing for a variety of occasions, from hiking to nights out and long days outside, I replaced my typical black staples with white, light grays, and camel tones keeping things cool. My favorite new addition is the small crossbody. Perfect for days walking along the boardwalk and Abbott Kinney Boulevard, it will hold the necessary essentials. Below you will find the sources for all of my favorite picks.

What are some of your essentials for Spring Break?

what's in my bag crater lake

What’s In My Bag: Crater Lake, Oregon

Ahhh. The lake. There’s nothing quite like it. This week I’m enjoying my time off the grid, creating, discovering, and exploring with my older brother and his family. Being at Crater Lake National Park, cultivates a sense of nostalgia. We would frequently travel the Northwest on vacations and Crater Lake brings back snapshots of a much younger self, hiking to waterfalls with my parents, finding walking sticks, and naming all the chipmunks on the trail.