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fall playlist

Vol 6 | Firepits & Fall Leaves Playlist

Last night I looked out the window and it was dark at 6. Immediately I began to feel the coziness of long fall evenings, I decided to put together this playlist for you. With firepits, leaves, trips to the pumpkin patch, and sweater weather in mind, there’s a bit of something for everyone. It will […]

Endless Summer Playlist

Vol 5 | Endless Summer Playlist

It seems we’re now in the height of summer. Our days are spent getting up early and hitting the gym, to squeeze in the fun moments of margin. It means night swims, bonfires with friends on the beach, and walks at sunset. Outside of the heat it has become one of my favorite seasons. The days are long, things are a bit more laid back, and I love the rhythm it provides. In celebration of an endless summer vibe, we put together this little playlist. We hope it sets the perfect backdrop for workflows, afternoon adventures, and any roadtrip your summer might hold.

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rain and remedies playlist

Vol 4: Rain & Remedies Playlist

There’s something about a rainy day in spring. The peaceful sound of the raindrops against the windows, and the fresh crispness of the air. We put on our coziest layers and make big pots of soup. Our April has been filled with rainy days and sometimes a great playlist can be the best remedy to getting things done when all you want to do is stay in bed. (It can be a big challenge when working from home.) We put together this playlist to embrace all that the last rainy days of spring have to offer.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


Winter Nights and Fireplaces Playlist

We’re still in the middle of winter in NorCal and doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon. Rather than fighting winter, I’m choosing to embrace it. The past two weeks I’ve been battling some serious sickness and have embraced the cozy nights and rest that have come with it. In honor of winter nights and cozy fireplaces, I put together this little playlist. This one is a bit more of a classic twist with modern takes on arrangements and jazz. Grab a blanket, make a fire, and enjoy.

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snow capped mountains playlist

Snow Capped Pines and Holiday Lights Playlist

The Christmas season is probably one of my favorites. My living room is glistening with colors of black, copper, and gold this season. I’ve modified the decor a bit from last year and am so excited to roll out the content within the next few weeks. (I have a knit wall hanging that is one of my most impressive DIYs to date!) I know some people have a love, hate relationship with Christmas music. Me? I love it! I usually like to scour my collections for music that feels classic, a bit of throwback, and throw in some tunes that don’t sound like your typical Christmas music.

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