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5-Figure Desk

How I Built The Most Productive Office of My Life (and Increased Revenue by 5-Figures)

I like many of you work from home. For years this has served as a challenge. Through the seasons, I’ve tried to find ways to quickly and cheaply increase my productivity by a change in setting. Coffee shops, co-working spaces, and study dates became my norm in hopes of finding a new rhythm. But what happens, when you truly do need to be at-home. While I love the idea of escaping to a shop and finding myself there. Then, there’s the days where multitasking is far more the norm. Laundry needs to be done. Chores and DIY projects have multiple steps with time in-between. Recipes need to be shot. Flat lays, edits, and design projects for clients need to be completed. More than anything, there are days where things need to be efficient and productive.

Home Sweet Holidays

Home Sweet Holidays

Every year our Christmas decor gets updated and this year has been our favorite to date. While we love the use of multiple metallics and neutrals, it was time to embrace a bit of color back into our decor. As I looked around at fresh trends there were two ideas that came to mind- flocked trees with white lights or jewel tones. I wasn’t ready to make the jump to a snow flocked tree quite yet. Upon trying to source a palette I wasn’t fully satisfied with the jewel tones I was finding. They seemed to be straight out of Bollywood and incredibly bright. Instead I chose a melding of old and new. Using gold and copper ornaments from previous year, this anchored metallics throughout the palette and paired beautiful with rich colors of red, blue, green, and gold. This tree has become a favorite to date. Playing with texture and shine, it glistens in the light and adds visual interest, not to mention brings back a bit of color to the living room.

See how it all comes together throughout the house with this edition of Home Sweet Holidays after the jump!

creative loft the plan

Creative Loft: The Plan with Houzz

A few weeks ago, I rolled out the inspiration for my creative loft space. The past month we’ve been busy, sourcing items, and prepping for our last phases of change. Our custom 8 foot desk has been installed and we absolutely love it. Today we’re partnering with Houzz and sharing our plan behind the design.

Keep reading for the full interior plan after the jump!

dreaming of a creative loft

Dreaming of A Creative Loft

Over the past few months our townhome has gone through some changes. It’s the first time I’m living in Redding and have my own room. I can’t tell you the freedom this shift holds. We’re still figuring out things for the fall, but are loving having a dedicated space. Once I knew I had my own space, there was something that I longed for. I was ready to have an 8 foot desk back in my life.

green space

Dreaming of Green Space

After being in our townhome for 8 months, there are a few improvements we can’t wait to make. As people that love being outside our small patio space has been crying out for help since we have moved in. Initially, we thought forget it. With a poorly maintained fence by the property company and a space of less than 10 x 10 square feet, what was the point? That and we live in a rental, does it really matter? As time went on, we discovered that we would spend a lot of money at coffee shops just to be outside. It was time to make this space a reality.

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