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Braised Lamb Shank

Braised Lamb Shank

As we shared in today’s holiday gathering, every year we attempt to push the culinary expertise in our kitchen with something we’ve never done before. This year it looked like recreating a favorite dish we’ve had in restaurants. With a basic wine aus jois, fresh herbs, and a great cut of meat. We began in our Dutch oven braising the sides of the lamb and then finishing the dish by slow cooking in the oven. The result is a entree that is succulent, falls off the bone, and utters decadence with every bite.

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A Holiday Gathering with Artifact Uprising

A Holiday Gathering with Artifact Uprising

When there’s no pressure on an evening, when friends gather around the table, and enjoy every last bite and sip. Where the record spins with classic Christmas tunes and the twinkle of white lights on the tree set the backdrop. This gathering was a bit more laid back than our norm, but the perfect time to stop and be intentional with those we love.

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Minimal Ornament Wall Hanging

Minimal Ornament Wall Hanging DIY

When it comes to DIYs we love things that look minimal, are easy to execute, and can be accomplished without many supplies. If I must be honest, I wouldn’t consider myself a crafter. While I’m creative, I don’t necessarily spend hours on projects outside of setting the occasional table. For me, this makes sense and keeps the items I store as minimal as possible. (As a kid I had endless craft supplies and as an adult I try to only purchase items I know I will use.) After living in the same townhome for three year, I choose simple DIYs and am saving my energy for when I decide to tackle a fixer upper. This DIY is one I choose to redo every year and this year’s I love. Providing the much needed negative space for the eye in the living room, this DIY can be made with a few supplies on hand.

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vegan vanilla cranberry bars

Vegan Vanilla Cranberry Bars

When it comes to eating around the holidays, it’s easy to bulk up on the butter and sugar. However, after living in NorCal, I’ve learned that there are better ways to celebrate without adding all the extras I don’t normally eat. These bars are rich in nature due to the nutty creamy filling and the perfect way to use any frozen or leftover cranberry sauce you might have sitting in your fridge. With dates and maple syrup as the pure forms of sugar, it keeps the recipe whole and light. (We brought this to a potluck of non-vegan folks and people loved it!)

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5 days of gifting hadley frances jewelry

5 Days of Gifting: Hadley Frances Jewelry CLOSED

Today we’re giving away to one lucky reader a Rory ring from Hadley Frances Jewelry (A $45 value!). We love partnering with Hadley Frances and her pieces are stunning. We did a blog post with Hadley discovering her creative process a few years ago here. When it comes to jewelry for the everyday we love layering minimal pieces and you will find these pieces in addition to our Cluse watch worn every day. Handcrafted and made with stunning metal, you are sure to love any jewelry from her collection. While Hadley recently moved back to Hawaii, we still are proud to consider her a part of the creative heartbeat of Redding.