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find beauty even now

Find Beauty Even Now

Happy Monday everyone!

We’re in the height of summer around here. With it comes sweltering heat, a bit of hibernating, and loads of iced coffee. As we’ve spent almost a month back home, we’re in the fullness of the cusp of adulting. Some days it’s exhilarating, other days it can feel exhausting. We absolutely love our clients and everything they represent. But at the end of the day, hustle is still hustle. There’s beauty to the tension.

open up let the light in

Getting Real: Open up Let the Light In

I sat in an office and was having a conversation. During this meeting, I was hit smack in the face. Another one of those moments, I became definitively more self aware in a seconds then I had been in years. It was phrased as a simple question.

“Mel, what if the very things you desire in life, are the very things you are insulating yourself from?”

work to live

Monday Words: Work to Live

Work to live. Live to work. One phrase has fullness of meaning, filled with dreams, possibilities, and hope. The other is one that is full of dread, long hours, and lack. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on my workload, sustainability, and building my business. It has come with many hours of thought and deliberation. What I’ve discovered along the way as a freelancer is that while you can work from anywhere, you simultaneously to your work with you everywhere you go… It can be liberating, full of freedom, or it can be crippling.


Minimalism: A Cleanse

When it comes to spring time, there’s a bit of hope in the air as new beginnings, fresh air, and sunny days fill our window panes and bring warmth to our soul. On a practical side, it often times means sorting through the old and tired things, the things that are a few sizes too small and removing the excess for a fresh start.

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let it explode

Monday Words: Let it Explode

A few weeks ago I found myself walking across Shasta Dam. Normally this is a common thing to do on a pretty day when you’re wanting to play with water and get a few spring and summertime photos. However, this day was different. It was iconic. The last time I was at the dam it was a rainy day. This winter and spring, we’ve had more rainy days that have followed. Downpours and hailstorms have come. Usually talking about the weather isn’t a great way to begin a conversation (or a blog post for that matter), but as I crossed the dam underneath the spring sunshine, I realized there was a noise. Where we had a drought for three years, the dam was released and water was rushing through. I heard the rush of water and saw the water levels at an all time high for the first time in three years.