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iced lavender dirty chai

Iced Lavender Dirty Chai

There’s something about lavender. I absolutely love it. If I’m looking for a workspace away from home I usually head to a favorite coffee shop and get their honey lavender latte. It’s my favorite and is the perfect start to my workday. With summer temperatures on the horizon, it’s time to break out the iced drinks with a touch my favorite, lavender. Paired with the nuance of chai, this drink uses a homemade lavender syrup with fresh lavender from the garden.

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blood orange margaritas

Mixology: Blood Orange Margaritas

Happy Friday everyone!

With the spring season comes a fresh round of seasonal produce. While I haven’t gotten into experimenting with recipes highlighting rhubarb, I absolutely love playing with the arrival blood oranges. The color is incredible and the flavor is divine. These margaritas are no different.

As for the music to pair with the drink, I chose a few pop mavens with Latin flare, inspired by summer nights along the Mexico coast. Perfect for a little dance party while you’re mixing your margarita.

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