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summer yogurt bowls

Summer Yogurt Bowls

Whether you’re looking to mix up your morning routine, or just trying to get breakfast in your busy day, this recipe is quick, doesn’t require any heat, and is absolutely beautiful. If you are someone who loves making sure your food looks pretty this recipe can’t be beat. Our favorite way to make this recipe is to spend a slow Saturday strolling through the farmer’s market, picking the freshest fruit our hearts can find. In a bowl of flavored greek yogurt you have protein for the day and fresh fruits to naturally sweeten the tart flavor of the yogurt.

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homemade salsa 1

Just 5: Homemade Salsa

As a kid there was nothing I loved more than chips and salsa as a snack. Over the years we would add queso to the list. I remember coming home from long days at school and my brother and I would sit on the couch sharing a bowl of chips and salsa. It was delicious and always hit the spot. While I’m a bit older now, I still absolutely love this snack and have been exploring recipes to make homemade salsa. This recipe has become a staple around our house. It takes around 5 minutes and 5 ingredients to make. We’re lucky if a jar of this lasts more than a week around our house, so I’m sure you’ll love this staple as well.

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herbed cauliflower rice

Herbed Cauliflower Rice with Citrus Zest

This recipe is a easy side dish to prepare on weeknights or as a simple side for a casual dinner party. With notes of lemon, lemon zest, and fresh herbs, this dish is light and seasonal, elevating it past the basic flavors of cauliflower.

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lamb burger

Burger of the Month: Mediterranean Burger

This burger is one of my favorite recipes I’ve done for the blog. I made this for dinner yesterday evening for some of my roommates. It was a big winner to say the least. One of us may have applauded our plate, while one of the others may have whispered to the burger, “I love you” during the course of dinner. Needless to say, this burger will be a hit at your table as well.