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how i killed comparison

How I Killed Comparison

Podcasts. Shops. E-courses. Affiliate links. Sponsored posts. Physical products.

As a blogger it’s easy to get caught up, to look around, and compare yourself to others in the game. Whether it’s followers and engagement on Instagram, the latest product someone else is offering, or feeling caught up in a rat race of catching up, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or super behind just by glancing on a feed. I must be honest in saying that I’ve been there. I see the articles that pop up on my feeds, “How I Got 30K in the first three months” or “How I made 6-figures in my first year of blogging,” and think I must be doing something absolutely wrong.

arthur ashe quote

Monday Words: Start Where You Can

Over the years I’ve had many conversations with creatives. There always seems to be this looming questions that keep many from starting. In the name of perfection, projects and dreams are put on hold. I’ve heard “When I have enough money, time, or margin, I will start….,” “I will work on this dream when,” or “Do you think it’s a good idea?”

Glisten & Grace Our Systems

Glisten & Grace: Our Systems

Student. Intern. Lifestyle blogger. Graphic Designer. Educator. Branding Expert.

Everyday I wake up and have multiple hats to wear.Systems, they’re something that are vital to a thriving business. If you don’t have systems, you’re probably operating in the land of dysfunction. With a few simple tweaks and a bit of discipline, your life can be freed from the hours behind your screen, the headaches that can come with walking aimlessly throughout your business. While systems aren’t sexy, if your systems suck, you’ll know and will be feeling the pain for years. Hey there fellow entrepreneur, what do you think about getting on top of the pain points in your business and developing systems that work? Today we’re making things super practical, as we pull back the curtain and let you in on our systems. Grab a cup of coffee, you have 10 minute read ahead, it’s one of our favorite posts to date.

anchal brand stories

Brand Stories: Anchal Project

Coupling social change, minimal aesthetic, and sustainable growth, Anchal Project is changing what we know of the fair trade industry. Based in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, I sat down with Colleen and Maggie, the two sisters behind the project, for this in-depth interview. I walked away inspired, invigorated, and truly excited about what Anchal is doing and hope you will as well.

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behind the brand

Behind the Brand: Why did I choose Glisten and Grace?

Arete. Filled with light and life. As I began a process of launching the blog and choosing a similar name for my design studio I knew a few things. I would appeal to women somewhat like myself. I was dedicated to radical intentionality, generosity, and transforming ordinary moments that fill our days into something meaningful, giving life joy and purpose. More than anything I wanted women to learn to embrace the imperfections in life. I wanted content to feel authentic and hit the note of vulnerability and truth, grit and beauty, embracing the paradox that happens when life no longer looks like a Pinterest feed.