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5 ways to improve instagram

5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram (Business) Game

Around here we love Instagram. It’s our favorite social media platform. (With the Introduction of video and stories, it’s become incredibly entertaining as well.) As the years have gone by, many are trying to navigate how to use Instagram for business. How do you show up consistently, presenting your services to the world? Are you finding creative ways to engage your audience? How do you stay true to your creative voice and raise it into a raving, paying tribe?

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blog business plan

How to Write a Blog Business Plan

When it comes to managing and running your own business, there are countless lessons I have learned. When I graduated running my own business was the last thing on my mind. I saw design as an additional skill set I was good at, but I was far more concerned about finding a job as a pastor than I was about numbers, sales, and setting my own hours. Two years later life had taken a few surprises and here I was, a 1099 designer for a company. How would I grow my business? What did taxes look like? Where would I even begin? Simple day in and day out tasks have learning curves. In a perfect world, I would love to focus solely on content creation, art direction, and clients. In reality my days are filled with emails, pitches, media kits, contracts, invoices, and bookkeeping. How do you keep moving forward? I love dreams and putting action steps to them. Meet the blog business plan.

Every year I sit down and write a business plan for the blog. This includes collaborations, ways to have passive income, and engagement goals. By writing things down I have a solid idea of what I’m going to do and direction each and every year.

Are you looking to start a blog? Wonder what it takes to find your readers and turn a blog into a business?

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how we make blog posts

How We Make Blog Posts

When I started the blog over 2 and a half years ago it started as a hobby, a creative space to freely express anything my heart desires. Today, it has evolved to a the online platform for my business, building it into a full-time design studio. Starting out as a blog that only few read, I now have a part-time employee. While it allows the word “blogger” to be added to the resume, it hasn’t been arbitrary or an online journey. It has been fun a lot of hard work.

Today, we are pulling back the curtain and letting you in behind the scenes, answering the question, “How do we make blog posts?”

how to write

How to Write for Your Audience

As a creative, there’s always something to say. Something from deep within that our hearts and minds long to articulate our voice and put in form. Where symbols and letters collide to make words, formed into paragraphs that bring meaning our days. For some of us, we have dreams of writing, books that have been on our mind for years. For others, well we plainly hate writing. What started out as dreading writing assignments in primary school, has lead to a lack of confidence with the written word. It’s an inevitable facet of life, but one you dread. Whether it’s Instagram descriptions, drafting emails, or sending out a Christmas card update, any time someone mentions writing you’d rather go to the dentist. Like it or not, writing is part of our daily lives.

Here are a few things we’ve learned over the past two years that are vital when it comes to writing.

collaboration over competition

Why I Choose Collaboration over Competition

What if everytime someone else won you celebrated? It sounds strange, doesn’t it? When it comes to business I used to think if someone else won, I lost. It was based on a scarcity mentality, and thinking I’d never had enough. But what if there’s something more to it? With this mentality there was no shared victory, beauty in collaborations, or spirit of teamwork. I would find myself among a community of creatives where we would look upon each other with contempt, sizing up one another’s work, and plagued with fear. Rarely would we find those who we could share our creative dreams and ideals with. That was far too vulnerable and if we verbalized it, it could be a drastic as completing failure. Rather than celebrating one another’s work, we wouldn’t celebrate brilliant projects. Everyone was financially struggling, so why encourage one another. It was a dog-eat-dog world. Unless you were a creative with a large firm, we were all millennials in the height depression, hoping and struggling for a break. Intimidated by one another and gripped by sizing one another up, we all worked independently lining the walls of our coffee shop, insulated by the walls of our noise cancelling headphones, and hoping it would be our lucky day.