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currently loving home

Currently Loving: Home

Over the past month, much of life has been spent up in the air and on the open road. There’s something about travel. Past the beautiful feeds, you discover different cultures, those who think differently, and adapt a different rhythm. When creating on the road, you adjust to a new groove, one where spaces and places are meant to be discovered. I’m one who always loves travel seasons. There’s bliss to be found in the newness of adventure, the wildness found in road trips, and the energy of urban environments. It resonates deep within and a value I will continue to create margin for in the years to come, regardless of the seasons of life that may come.

More than anything after being away from the familiarities that fill my days, there’s nothing like coming home. Every time I seem to fly out, I find that I land back into a new season. There’s spiritual and physical that always seems to change. On the past month, I’ve found the margin and rhythms of rest my heart has been longing for. More than anything, I’ve become more self-aware as a creative, entrepreneur, and a small business owner. There’s something about living and breathing to serve and love other people. Over the years, stress has lifted and I’m no longer concerned about significance, and influence. Rather I’m more focused on creating things that matter. These are becoming the driving questions behind what I create.

Will it serve and help other people?
How am I making my world a better place? 

If I’m honest, landing and reentry after traveling is always a challenge for me. 

I often try to adapt and answer questions a bit too quickly. My head is filled with questions, “How do I apply the growth I’ve learned? How does this affect the day in and day out operations of my life? What adjustments do I need to make? What do I need to catch up on?”

The past week has been focused on finding my footing. We have large projects in the works that we’re hoping to launch at the beginning of August. (Get ready. Our walls are filled with mood boards and pre-production calendars. Our Evernote is filled with notes unlike any other project thus far. It’s going to be really, really good.) Until then, there’s a bit of joy in laundry, chores, meal planning, and transforming my room into a phenomenal creative workspace and studio. I’ll be bringing the garden back to life and getting in the groove as a prep for a full fall. Much like Dorothy journeying back from the land of Oz, there’s truly no place like home.


5 podcasts for a summer road trip

5 Podcasts for A Summer Road Trip

The first week of July is a significant mark for me. I’ve spent the past month traveling, and while fun. It has been an amazing to be back home and not dress out of a suitcase for a few days now. My last adventure of June was a solo road trip north. Our first stop was Portland and then we headed to our final destination, Seattle. It was my first road trip and I wanted to be prepared. After about two hours, music and dancing in the car doesn’t keep me nearly as alert as it should, so I opted to download a few podcasts that seem to do the trick. These are my five favorites and I can’t tell you how enjoyable they made the trip.

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1. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

I discovered this podcast through some other creatives. Whether talking social media, systems, or small business, I couldn’t recommend this podcast enough. Each podcast has clear and easy calls to action that you can apply to your business. More than anything, after every episode I feel that I’ve invested my time well.

2. Freakanomics Radio

If you loved the documentary or the book, you will love Freakanomics radio. The relationships and correlations of data they find, humor applied, and nature of the show. After each episode, my curiosities and my mind is heightened in the best of ways.

3. Ted Talks Radio Hour

I love listening to these while I work. Ranging on topics from civic change to design, from wonder and dance, imagination, and innovation, TED Talks always inspire me to innovate, dream, and change the world.

4. Pursuit with Purpose

I’ve loved Melyssa Griffin and her blog for years. She offers so much free content and is ridiculously generous. (If you’re a blogger or creative entrepreneur, run to her website as fast as you can.) In her podcast, she interviews her mentors, business partners, and those she has learned from over the years. Rather than practical tips, she asks about their routines, motivations, and the why behind the businesses they have built. It’s a fascinating look at the processes behind legends in this industry.

5. Serial

If you love This American Life and are looking for something that has fiction and story at the center, try Serial. Each episode is a snippet into a mystery, unfolding and coming to a surprising conclusion at the end of each season. It will keep you on the edge of your toes listening and anyone in your car guessing who did what.

What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen to?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

navigate new york subway

How to Navigate the New York Subway System

Let me begin by stating when I headed to New York I wanted to avoid public transit at all cost. After our first night of walking 5 miles I quickly realized that I was going to need to learn the New York Subway system and fast. I can’t say that I found super helpful resources online, so I wrote this post as a resource and to fill in the gaps.

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What kind of pass should I buy?

We were in New York for 6 days and 5 nights. Because of this we opted to purchase an unlimited 7-day pass. At the moment, this pass will cost you $32.00. If you purchase per subway ride you’ll pay $2.75 each way. This means a round trip will cost you $5.50. I knew if we rode the subway 6 times it would pay for itself and then some. As much as we were all over the city, it only made sense to purchase an unlimited pass. If you opt to pay per fare you will need to purchase credit on an MTA pass. These look exactly like the 7-day passes but are loaded with the amount you place on the card. Make sure this balance doesn’t go empty before reloading it as there is a $1.00 service charge every time you add credit to the card.

Navigating the City.

We stayed near Times Square and were in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Go on ahead and download Google Maps on your phone. This app will serve as a lifeline and will provide you with everything you need to know. (Including rerouting, delays, and pertinent information on the subway system.) Walking throughout the city, you’ll notice entrances to subway platforms marked with two green lights. There will be signage as to the train that catches from that platform and annotation as to the transit station. As you go underground to enter the subway, have your pass ready. Swipe the barcode. You’ll then have an option toward Downtown/Brooklyn and Uptown/Bronx. This is a simple way to navigate North and South quickly. If you aren’t great with remembering directions in North or South, quickly look at your map and look to see if your destination is below or above your current location. (I remembered this by just telling myself Downtown is down, and not thinking about a specific neighborhood.)

Using Google Maps for the Subway

Depending on your destination, there are usually multiple trains that can take you to the same destination. Upon putting your destination into Google Maps, review your options with both route time and when various trains catch. (These will usually have adjustments during rush hour.) Usually you’ll have a bit of walking, booking your subway ride. If the train icons exist inside the > symbol this indicates that any of the listed trains will get you to your destination.

A few helpful tips:

– The New York subway is generally pretty safe. You’ll find a few interesting characters just like anywhere else, but if you’re concerned about getting on the right train, ask a New Yorker. They’re usually pretty kind and know how to point you in the right direction.

– Make sure to load Google Maps before heading underground. Most subway tunnels we found had decent service, but there were other times we found dead zones. I always found it helpful to review the stops, knowing the number of stops and reassuring I was on the correct train.

– Avoid looking lost. Load your walking directions and review them on your subway ride. Also when navigating the city turn on notifications for your walking directions and stick in at least one earbud. This will give you walking directions without having to look at your phone.

– Sometimes your barcode won’t read initially when swiping. Make sure you don’t go to another turnstile. If you do, it will lock your pass. If this happens, go find the nearest MTA officer (there should be one at one entrance to the platform, depending on the side of street) and they will be able to manually resolve the issue with your pass quickly. If not, the pass will reset within 20 minutes giving you the option to go through another turnstile.

– It’s warmer underground and during the summer can be quite hot. Dress in layers to suit your day and traveling both above and below ground.

– Be mindful of the time you’re using the subway. If it’s during rush hour of a morning or evening expect platforms to be crowded and trains to be packed.

We hope you’ve found this post helpful. Are you a resident New Yorker or have traveled the city a lot? Any additional tips to share?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

What I Wore New York

What I Wore: NYC

When packing for trips, I must confess, I tend to be an overpacker. Over the years as I’ve leaned toward more basics and a minimal wardrobe, my luggage has gotten lighter. (Which was perfect, leaving room for shopping in New York.) This What I Wore post, isn’t quite as seasonal as I expected it to be. New York was unseasonably cold with the exception of our last few days. It made layering essential throughout the trip. Regardless, I think we hit the perfect note of on trend looks, staying warm, and I loved the trick we used for our night at the theater.

Keep reading for all looks on the trip!

Look 01: Rainy Days Exploring The Sights

While in New York, layers and comfort come first.However, I love looking chic and not like a tourist. When we were exploring the first few days it was rainy and cold. Insert my hooded cotton utility jacket. It’s my favorite when it comes to staying dry in the rain with the hood. Paired with a black skinny jean, plaid button down, and white sneakers, I was ready to explore the city. For a pop of color, I added a red lip and some simple jewelry. Due to the humidity and not wanting to do much with my hair when it came to the rain, put it up in a simple top not.  Lastly, let’s talk about this bag. When in New York as long as you’re where there’s people you’re perfectly safe. However, I love carrying my camera in a bag that looks less conspicuous. This bag has straps to carry on your forearm and a longer strap to wear as a crossbody or on the shoulder, making it perfect for quickly shooting photos on the street in transit.

Get the Look:
Jacket from Levi | Gingham Button Down and White Sneakers from Target |
Jeans and Bag from Madewell | Jewelry from Hadley Francis and the Giving Keys | Lipstick from Nars in Cruella

Look 02: Keeping it Fresh in Brooklyn

When going to Brooklyn, it’s always good to pick a look that you love and feels a bit more trendy. It was going to be a slightly warmer day while walking a lot so I opted for light layers and my favorite pair of Nikes. This outfit is one that I love and wear often. There’s something about the combination of the merlot, gray, and black colors that feels super smart. The ripped jean and Nikes give the look a bit of edge and keep basics looking fresh.

Get the Look:

Jeans, Whisper Cotton Tee, and Bag from Madewell | Watch from Cluse | Sneakers from Nike
Gray Sweater from Target | Sunglasses from Warby Parker

what I wore New York

Look 03: A Night at the Theater

When we arrived to New York, the temperatures had taken an unexpected drop since my packing in California. (I had a week in the Midwest before heading to New York.) While I would l love to say that I packed many options for cooler weather, I definitely did not. My solution for the night out at the theater. Layering a dress over black skinnies and pairing them with a great heel. The silk dress has an amazing drape and looked like an oversize tank with a few simple tucks. It was a trick that saved the night and was perfectly appropriate. I’m in love with these heels. With the nude color and suede material, they cross through seasons perfectly.

Get the Look:

Black Skinny Jeans from Madewell | Heels from Target | Silk Dress from Grana

This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Thank you for continuing to support the brands that support Glisten and Grace.





5 Must See Spots in Brooklyn

Ever since I knew I was going to New York, I knew I wanted to visit Brooklyn. Brooklyn has been thriving over the past decade and is the place to explore. I planned a whole day for a visit and it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. From the beautiful cobblestone streets to James Beard and Michelin star restaurants, enjoy wandering this stunning (and quieter) area of New York.

Keep reading for our 5 Must See Spots in Brooklyn after the jump!

Walking the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge

This is a must-do when visiting NYC. There’s some great options once you walk off the bridge. I would first stop at the famous Grimaldi’s for a delicious slice. (If you’re looking for a less crowded walk, choose to walk across the less crowded, but equally beautiful Manhattan bridge.) For idea photo ops, make sure to traverse back to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge during golden hour.

Here’s how to get there from Manhattan:

Take the subway downtown to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall stop. Cross Park Row and walk across the bridge.

DUMBO Neighborhood and Brooklyn Bridge Park

If you’re here on the weekend, head to the Brooklyn Flea, the Farmer’s Market, and grab brunch in Atrium Dumbo. This restaurant has been nominated for a Michelin Star. Make reservations or expect a long long wait. After getting walking across the bridge make your way to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Here you’ll find a stunning park, shots of the city, and the bridges. (If you’re ever wondering where photographers get shots below the bridge along brick buildings and cobblestone streets, it’s here.)

If Grimaldi’s pizza isn’t your thing and you’re looking to fill your sweet tooth, head to Almondine for some amazing macaroons or the famous Jacque Torres’ shop for some phenomenal cookies or frozen hot chocolate. When on the East Coast, you should always try a lobster roll and we highly recommend Luke’s Seafood. With outdoor seating underneath the bridge, overlooking the bay, making for the perfect lunch spot.

Pressed Juicery

Heading toward Williamsburg, make sure to stop into the Pressed Juicery. (We know they have West Coast locations, but it’s one of our absolutely favorites and decided to stop in.) It’s located right at the 7th street subway terminal. It was a warm day as we crossed the bridge and we were more than ready for a bit of rest and a sweet treat. Keeping things simple we had the matcha freeze and chocolate freeze. The matcha was the favorite and kept things clean with a frozen blended juice of matcha, apple, spinach, kale, lemon, and ginger. It was amazing and we’ll be visiting the locations in Sacramento very soon!


Located in the heart of Williamsburg this Thai restaurant is unlike any other. With floating pools, lily pads, and beautiful wooden pergolas that separate the space throughout the restaurant, they’ve nailed atmosphere and given nods to Asian interiors and design. We opted for the duck curry and Pad See Ew. Both of our entrees were amazing and hit the spot before we headed back across the bridge.

Mast Chocolate

Most of us have come to know and love the Mast brothers and their story. As entrepreneurs, they’ve introduced us to craft chocolate and helped put Williamsburg on the map. They offer tours of their chocolate making process at their shop in Brooklyn. The cost of the tour includes a $10 credit, so make sure to stock up on their signature Brooklyn flavor and delight in their stunning packaging. (It’s won design and packaging awards over the years so make sure to delight in every editorial detail of their store.)

Do you have any favorite spots in Brooklyn? Any summer travels you’ve been going on? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below!