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what we're reading now fall nights

What We’re Reading Now / Fall Nights

With the fall quickly approaching, we’re sharing some of our favorite reads for this season. As the nights grow longer and the days are shorter, we love curling up on the couch with a blanket, cup of tea, and a good book. This fall, we’re focusing on nonfiction and love our choices.

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What We’re Reading Now / Fall Nights

Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited by Steve Krug : After working with design clients for years, I’m beginning to lend my skillset to content creation and web design as I collaborate with developers. It’s been a growing season as I navigate more conversations and negotiations than before. As a designer, I fall on the side of making things shiny and pretty rather than focusing on usability. This book is great for thinking about the usability and functionality of sites. It’s helpful for the strategic building of sites, thinking about stats, bounceback rates, and a site focused on specific calls to action.

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook by Tiegen Gerard: If you’ve followed the blog Half Baked Harvest, you’ll know these recipes through and through. From honey granola bars to homemade gnocchi, these dishes are stunning and approachable, perfect for weeknight dinners or casual, elegant gatherings.

The First Mess Cookbook by Laura Wright: With a focus on plant-based foods, The First Mess provides a creative and stunning perspective on meatless dishes. We love this cookbook for families that are hoping to incorporate a bit more nutrition in their diet.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen: I love life-hacks. When it comes to getting things done, being able to use a variety of hacks to increase my efficiency and productivity adds an extra ounce of energy. With strategy from automation and batching, anything that David Allen writes is pure gold.

Weekday, Weekend by Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson: The concept behind this cookbook is one I absolutely love. For the weekday portion of the cookbook, there are healthy and simple weeknight meals. In the weekend section of the book, there’s slightly more indulgent recipes whether in time or as a special treat great for your family or for gatherings.

What have you been reading lately?

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what we're reading

What We’re Reading: Spring Edition

Now that the school year has come to a close, there’s nothing more exciting than the moments where reading is no longer required but by choice. I can’t wait to dive into some books that have on hold until summer. Whether history, non-fiction, business, or self-improvement is your thing, you’ll find a new favorite, as we share what we’re reading, spring edition.

Here’s the 5 Books on our Nightstand:

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Goodin: I’ve loved Seth’s writing for years and can’t wait to dive into this one. In the online and social media marketing world, throwing around the phrase “find your tribe” is commonplace and normal. What does it mean and how do you leverage it for your business? Seth explains it in this book.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown: Made famous by her TED Talks on shame and vulnerability, Brene Brown started her writing with this book. You might remember that this book showed up on our reading list during the winter months, but it got shelved due to school reading. We’ve restarted this one in our first week off of school and can’t tell you how good it is. She might have had me crying at the introduction.

Ted Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking: If you’re anything like me, you can listen to TED Talk after TED Talk without much thought. (I not so secretly would love to give a TED talk in the future.) For anyone who does public speaking for a living, this book is a must purchase.

The Search for God and Guinness: An all-time favorite, perfect for beach reading. It’s meaty enough that doesn’t feel fluffy for non-fiction and steeps itself deeply into the history of Ireland.

Chasing Slow: Over the past year, the seasons have felt like a blur, a rat race of sorts. With endless hustle and task lists, this summer I’m looking for ways to wind down, have rest, and find margin. I think this book will be the practical help to get me there.

What books are on your reading list?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

5 books for cozy winter nights

5 Books for Cozy Winter Nights

Winter is here and in full swing. With forecast of rain or snow for days, I compiled this list for cozy winter nights in. Winter is the perfect time to enjoy a good book, cup of tea, and enjoying the crackling of the wood in the fireplace. I chose 5 books that span interests and will be sure to be the perfect addition to your current reading list.

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Persuasion by Jane Austen:

This book is a favorite classic and one I have loved since university. I’ve come to love a good romance and Jane Austen’s Persuasion finds where many of us have once been. Looking to direction in life, pleasing others around her, the protagonist of this book finds herself torn and often persuaded to suit the pleas of others rather than the love and truest desire of her heart. As I first read this book, it was one that resonated with life in me, my season at the time, and could find my own journey in the pages of this book, line-by-line. Since the first time I encountered this piece of classic literature, it has forever remained a favorite.

Simply Styling

Need some inspiration for your home? This book is perfect for the basics of styling, and will provide vision for what your home can be. I find the winter months are perfect for tackling home renovations, spring cleaning, organization, and long-term projects. This book will keep you motivated and provide direction for any DIYs you might tackle.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Brene Brown has become a household favorite. From a sociological perspective, she lays a solid groundwork for shame and vulnerability. Most known for her talks on TED, this is the first book she released and is the best place to start when it comes to body of work. I recommend reading this one with a journal in hand, giving your mind plenty of space to process.

In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney

Celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, rise of creative business, and the beauty of femininity, this book highlights over 100 women and their success stories. As you read you will unfold story, find inspiration, and feel proud of the women who have created against all odds. The perfect addition to your coffee table or for pouring over for hours on end.

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

It’s no surprise to find this piece of nonfiction on my list. I love building a home that continually tells a story. As an avid fan of the show Fixer Upper, I love this couple, the inspiration and tenacity that they bring to any aspect of life. It isn’t a surprise that I couldn’t put this book down. An easy read, it’s perfect for evenings by the fire and snuggling underneath a cozy blanket.

What’s on your reading list this winter?


5 cookbooks for the holidays

5 Cookbooks for the Holiday Season

It’s November, which means it’s time to start preparing for the holidays. With the shift in time change, it means more cozy nights in and enjoying friends around the table. As I look toward Thanksgiving and the Christmas season, I always get excited about the times with friends, family, and food. Cookbooks have come a long way from the recipes of the past and I have some favorites for the holiday season. (Have a foodie or chef on your list this year? Make sure to pick one up for them too!)

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Modern Potluck

If you’re someone who loves to have lots of people over, but are tired of the same thing taken to potlucks, pick up this cookbook. Perfect for the holiday season, the recipes are festive, but incredibly approachable. This book has been on my wishlist for a while now and I purchased it a few weeks ago. I’ve only had it for a week, but have already made two recipes from the book and love it.


This week I was given the challenge of making a dinner party for people with multiple food allergens and others who were on the Whole30. (More on that dinner party coming up later this week!) This cookbook was super valuable. With a few tweaks, I was able to make a delicious, healthy, and whole 4-course dinner for friends. It will become a go-to in the next few months for sure. Specializing in recipes that are gluten and dairy free, it avoids major allergens, while exploring the numerous options available within these parameters. Focused around seasonal table gatherings throughout the year, this cookbook will inspire any of your menus for the holiday season. (My favorite recipes- New Years Eve!)

The Yellow Table

Everything from the story of this cookbook, to the recipes in it, are a favorite and staple in our kitchen. I started following Anna Carl’s blog a few years ago and loved her fresh approach to food. I was sucked into her series “The Cookbook Diaries” as she shared the journey of self-publishing a cookbook. Her story inspired me and her recipes are phenomenal. It seems that every holiday season, I start researching recipes for something special at the table. Her thanksgiving turkey recipe is my favorite and a standby every year. Apple cider maple brined turkey? Yes please!

Sunday Suppers

In my house growing up, Sunday suppers were a big deal. We would come home from church, change out of our dress clothes, and head downstairs to the kitchen. My mom would usually have a roast with all the fixings, anchored by robust flavors, carrots, and my favorite, the mashed potatoes. This would be our main meal for the day and we would have party mix every Sunday evening to finish off the day. It was a simple tradition we all seemed to love. The idea continues with this cookbook and approachable meals to gather friends and family around the common table.

Love and Lemons

Do you love meatless Mondays? Are you trying to increase your vegetable intake? Trying to navigate inviting a vegetarian to Thanksgiving dinner? Love and Lemons released a phenomenal cookbook this year. Forget boring vegetable dishes of the past, these dishes are fresh, vibrant, and boast robust flavors. Who knows you might want a turkeyless thanksgiving yourself.

summer reading list

The 5 Books on my Summer Reading List

With poolside and lake filled days becoming the norm, I like to use my summer to catch up on some reading for fun. In my world, summer means a break from required reading and allows me to focus on a wider breadth of subject matter than the school year typically allows. This list has a bit of something for everyone. From new delicious recipes to non-fiction and an amazing biography, you’re sure to find the perfect poolside read.

Find the full list of my poolside picks after the jump!


Creative Truth: Every year I pick a few books to read, focusing on business and creativity. This book was recommended by fellow designer and blogger friends at The Fresh Exchange. I’m excited to get my hands on it and dive in. Whether you’re focused on building clients, figuring out payment structures, or navigating the client/designer relationship, this book will answer all of your questions. If you’re a creative, run to your bookstore, and grab this book.

The Search for God and Guinness: This book was recommended by a friend and one that is at the top of the list (currently it’s home is on my nightstand and in process.) If you want the full story behind the Guinness family and how a business can be created to solve social injustices, look no further. Read this book and discover the beautiful story of redemption, grace, and the heart for a nation found in this classic stout.

Just Mercy: Called a modern-day To Kill a Mockingbird, this New York Times Bestseller has peaked my curiosity and is making it’s way to the top of my list.

The NoMad Cookbook: Part food essay, part cookbook, this book is from the chef and owner of the NoMad restaurant in NYC. With full page photos for each recipe, the cookbook, features presentations of food that mirror modern art and curiously pair flavors of the food.

Do Over: Another book on the business list, Jon Acuff’s books are always well-worth reading. All careers have transitions and there are many times things need a restart. A do over. This book navigates you through the process of career transitions, developing new skills, and moving past any career ceilings that develop over a period of time.

What books are on your summer reading list?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.