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fall home edit

Cozy Up: Fall Home Edit

Our fall nights are long, seriously long. With daylight savings in full force and surrounded by the mountains, it gets dark at 4 o’clock in the evening. It’s the perfect time for all those home projects that you’ve been putting off as we played outside during the summer. Keep reading for 5 ways to make your home fall ready after the jump!

fall home edit

Cozy Up: Fall Home Edit

Embrace texture. 

White walls, green plants, and wooden textures are common and the norm as far as texture goes. Our house is full of these beloved textures. However, take it a step further and add faux furs, woven rugs, velvets, and chunky knit throws. These will add variation and mix up your decor for the seasons.

Candlelight and firelight is the best.

We love soft cozy light for warmth and a golden hue. Embrace a mantle (or shelf where your TV lives) and make it the focus by surrounding it with lanterns, trimmed firewood, and taper candles. We must admit we’re obsessed with the smell of all things Anthropologie and love their signature Volcano scent. By investing in this one scented candle, we keep all other tapers unscented keeping the scent to a single note and avoiding overwhelming guests with the odor. Take the time to light the candle, put a record on, and read a fantastic book as the night goes on.

Bring the outdoors in.

Pine sprigs, eucalyptus, berries, sweet gum leaves, or fresh herbs. Transition notes of the outdoors in keeping things visually interesting and filled with life as the cloudy and rainy days of winter roll in.

Find ways to say seasonal while skipping traditional colors.

If vivid red, green, or bright orange aren’t your jam, make a point to skip traditional colors and find what works for your seasonal decor. This year for autumn we opted for guards with greens, creams, and a super light orange, perfectly working with the palettes within our home. It doesn’t scream seasonal and over the top which we love. For the Christmas season, we’ve playing with mixed metals, deep colors, and jewel tones. We literally can’t wait to share our Christmas roll out and turn all things into the North Pole.

Choose pieces you love and tell your story. 

Over the years, decor has become far more about following the trends rather than building a home. I must admit as much as I love modern decor and dream of constructing my own home one day, I love the eclectic vibe our home has. Every piece has been found, thrifted, refinished or repurposed. From Craigslist finds to Goodwill candlesticks, dishes and stoneware, to antique shops, and curbside freebies, we love the pieces that fill our home. They tell our story and are perfectly eclectic.

Dress yourself for cozy nights. 

Now that your house is ready, it’s only necessary to have a pair of your favorite slippers by the door and a house coat to keep you warm. Paired with our favorite cashmere sweats, you’re good to go for a cozy night in.

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What are some of the ways you prep your home for fall? (Or are you already decorating for Christmas?)

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

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our grown up school supply list

Our Grown Up School Supply List

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today marks an important day as I head back to school for the last time. It’s a very happy first day indeed! As I’ve grown older the back to school tradition has remained a great reason to maintain my gear, pick up a few great office essentials, and return to a routine with more structured hours. This list includes a great bag, office essentials, and some great camera gear to freshen and brighten up our office hours and work this year.

Keep reading for our grown up school supply list after the jump!

our grown up school supply list 2

1. Day Tote from Everlane: Everlane just released a phenomenal line of items for fall. Last week we shared with you their upcoming denim line and have fallen for this tote. I love the rich brown color and can’t wait to have this as my standard bag. (It perfectly holds my MacBook and all my cords, leaving room for all the essentials.)

2. Set the World on Fire foil pencils from Small Glow Shop: I absolutely love having writing instruments that keep me motivated throughout the day. These simply white pencils with a gold mantra “Set the World on Fire” are a great way to add personality and some motivation regardless of how the day may feel.

3. Key Metal Flash Drive from Kingston: As far as upgrades and essentials go, this in an absolute favorite of ours. We use this as a client gift and have one on our keychains as well. For every time you’ve thought, “Where’s my flashdrive?” now you’ll have it ready to go and use as quickly as possible.

4. Leather Mousepad from Appointed: We’ve been in the process of overhauling our workspace, part bedroom and part creative studio. It’s an interesting combination and something we’ve been working towards this summer. As we’ve sourced items, we’ve been sourcing minimal and beautiful products for the deskspace. We’ve fallen in love with the details of the items from Appointed and the way their items are stunningly beautiful.

5. Marble MacBook Case from Ohio Design Space: Ready to protect your MacBook and add a bit of style. We’ve fallen in love with the rich colors in this case and the bit of style it adds to an already gorgeous MacBook.

6. Wireless Camera Flash from Godox: Every year, I add camera gear for a variety of shoots and the specific needs of clients. Over the past year, I’ve gotten many requests for shoots requiring an on-camera flash. We love this one for it’s ease of use and compact nature.

7. Waxed Cotton and Leather Strap from ONA: When it’s time to upgrade from your existing camera strap, we can’t recommend ONA enough. We purchased our camera and laptop bag from them last year and love the smart nature of the strap. With a gray waxed cotton and contrast of brown leather, this strap is creative, chic, and is perfect for any shoot.

8. Leather Pencil Case from Appointed: We’re rounding out the list with this amazing leather pencil case. It’s refined, updated, and trades your Lisa Frank pencil case of the past with something that shows class in the best of ways. Our case is filled with Microns, Steadliner pencils, erasers, and drafting guides. It holds the best of our hand lettering and design tools for whatever our clients may need.

Day Tote |  Gold Foil Pencils | Key Metal Flash Drive  | Marble MacBook Case
Leather Mousepad |  On Camera Flash | ONA Camera Strap | Leather Pencil Case

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creative loft the plan

Creative Loft: The Plan with Houzz

A few weeks ago, I rolled out the inspiration for my creative loft space. The past month we’ve been busy, sourcing items, and prepping for our last phases of change. Our custom 8 foot desk has been installed and we absolutely love it. Today we’re partnering with Houzz and sharing our plan behind the design.

Keep reading for the full interior plan after the jump!

Earlier this year during a trip to Portland I stayed in the most stunning birch loft. This space has served as the inspiration for this before and after, governing my choice in materials. I loved their use of plywood throughout the space and the ways they elevated a common substrate. Last year in my room, I installed a single piece of plywood as an affordable headboard option on the wall. With the desk, the choice was simple. An expanse of space and continuing the line of the plywood in a way that was visually appealing. There was only one option to keep aesthetics and clean lines- a built-in desk attached to the wall. We commissioned a friend to build the desk and it is stunning.

For texture, we wanted to mix things up. Keeping the investment pieces neutral we wanted to add a rug, pillows, and throw that are bold in statement and lush in texture. There’s something about the juxtaposition of clean lines and handmade textiles where the contrast is stunning. Pulling colors from the rug, we chose deep blues as the continuous palette throughout.

To add a bit more personality to the room, we’ll be using succulents and airplants for greenery. Adding candles and rose gold accessories, bringing form and function to the table. We’ve been crushing hard on midcentury modern planters and can’t wait to add this desktop version to our workspace.


White Mid Century Office Chair | Vintage Rug | Desktop planter | Organic Sheets |
Down Comforter | Shibori Blue Lumbar Pillow  | Tufted Throw Blanket | Copper lantern | Best candle ever | Custom built desk

Houzz is a great space to gather inspiration for home projects, decor, and renovations. Whether looking for a kitchen remodel or a new set of sheets, they have everything you need for house and home.

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dreaming of a creative loft

Dreaming of A Creative Loft

Over the past few months our townhome has gone through some changes. It’s the first time I’m living in Redding and have my own room. I can’t tell you the freedom this shift holds. We’re still figuring out things for the fall, but are loving having a dedicated space. Once I knew I had my own space, there was something that I longed for. I was ready to have an 8 foot desk back in my life.

For most of the past three years, I’ve been working from a small parsons desk. That’s right. Everything our studio produces comes from an 1000 square foot townhome and is designed from a 36 inch desk. It was definitely time for an upgrade.

When it came to sourcing our desk we were struggling to find something that had the minimal aesthetic from a retailer within budget. We opted to go the custom route and can’t wait to share with you the results. In most images we saw, we loved the expanse of a thick piece of veneered oak plywood spanning wall to wall. With a door blocking the way and the other available wall having the placement of the bed, we worked with a local carpenter to create a custom desk with a waterfall wooden edge. Coming in at 8 feet long, there is enough space to have an analog desk and a digital desk. We’re dreaming of flatway photography with stunning natural light and a space to work on projects, hand lettering, and sketches. On the other end of our desk, our display, tablet, wireless keyboard, and mouse. We can’t wait to put systems in place to make it work for us in the best way possible.

With the upgrade in desk size, we’re also upgrading a bed. Inspired by our favorite minimal palettes, we will be keeping walls white, add plants, shelving, and a great piece of statement artwork above the bed. With the bed in white, we’ll add texture and color through textiles, accessories, and plants.

As we look to the room as a whole, I’m inspired by some of the favorite loft spaces and AirBnbs I’ve stayed in over the years. They’re sleek, modern, and have the perfect bohemian touches. While I would love to have a dedicated office within our townhome, we don’t currently have the space, so this decision will have to work until we start thinking about a home purchase.

When it comes to the floor, we’ve been crushing on rugs with a vintage kilim style. They’re stunningly gorgeous and vibrant in color. Have any of you placed a rug on a rug before? Did you like it? Hate it? In the past I’ve done this and the rug didn’t stay put.

Looking for more inspiration for your home? Make sure to follow our Interiors board on Pinterest.

Featured image from HGTV, Fixer Upper
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What home projects are you working on? Any spaces that you’re dreaming of?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.