top 5 posts of 2017

The Top 5 Posts of 2017

In the blogging world, with every click you vote. Every year I’m surprised by what blog posts, you my dear readers, have come to love on this site. There are certain things I can predict and other things that seem to come out of left field. Today we’re rolling out your Top 5 list, as we reveal the posts that were your faves in 2017.

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honey lavender latte

Your Fave #1: Honey Lavender Latte

It’s my favorite drink of choice and it’s no surprise that you have come to love this drink as well. With no refined sugar and a lavender infused honey, this drink is simple, elevated, and my favorite way to begin the morning.

maker stories north state woodshop

Your Fave #2: Maker Stories: North State Woodshop

The artisans and creativity of Redding are what sets this little town apart. It’s been a privilege to call this place home over the past four years and join in on making it a better place. David, of North State Woodshop, keeps on pushing the envelope bringing a smart, mid-century aesthetic and elevated concept to our city. Find our full interview about his creative process above.

5 foods that make clean eating fun

Your Fave #3: 5 Foods that Make Clean Eating Fun

As I wrote this post, I quickly came to learn that many of you are trying to leave a clean and vibrant life. But let’s be real, the Whole30, or almost Whole30 in our house, is certainly a challenge. These 5 Foods are still some of our favorites to bring a bit of life back into a healthy routine. If you haven’t read this post, make sure to do so before starting your New Year’s Resolutions. (You’ll thank me later!)

arthur ashe quote

Your Fave #4: Monday Words: Start Where You Can

Everyone has dreams, side hustle, and ways they desire to see their passion become their life’s work. It seemed that this post resonated with many of you. If you have career and professional goals in 2018, make sure to read this one before diving head first. Many times starting and being done is indefinitely better than perfect.

minimal winter wardrobe

Your Fave #5: A Minimalist Winter Wardrobe with Grana

When it comes to winter fashion, I’m a basics girl through and through. With a few cozy pieces and smart layering, there’s the staple items I use over and over again. Whether it’s the best pair of cashmere sweatpants you’ll ever wear or a silk tank dress, find your favorite basics for a winter capsule in this post. (There’s nothing quite like adding a bit of flair and creativity to your wardrobe in the winter months.) We proceeded to hit the streets of Portland for some street style in February, breathingĀ an urban vibeĀ to these basics.


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