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iced lavender dirty chai

Iced Lavender Dirty Chai

There’s something about lavender. I absolutely love it. If I’m looking for a workspace away from home I usually head to a favorite coffee shop and get their honey lavender latte. It’s my favorite and is the perfect start to my workday. With summer temperatures on the horizon, it’s time to break out the iced drinks with a touch my favorite, lavender. Paired with the nuance of chai, this drink uses a homemade lavender syrup with fresh lavender from the garden.

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tomato tart

Tomato Tart

There’s something about a delicious tart. This blend of flavors, juxtaposition of hot and room temperature, melts in your mouth and is absolutely amazing. My favorite part of making the tarte, is the satisfaction in the detail of perfectly laying out the tomatoes in the round. (Call me obsessive, but I love it.) This tart has pungent flavor of fresh herbs, tanginess of goat cheese, and the crispness of a butter pastry. Add ripe summer tomatoes in their peak, shreds of fresh basil, and crystals of sea salt, this showstopper is complete!

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A French Fete Birthday: Styling and Floral

A French Fete Birthday: Styling and Floral

Today we continue to share the behind the scenes of a great French themed dinner party. There was not a detail overlooked and this has been one of my favorite styling projects to date. Using a color palette of vibrant reds, fuchsias, and purples, it gives a nod to the style of France without being overly literal.

As I was planning the party, I wanted things to have a large visual statement while still staying true to the casual nature of French of entertaining. There were deliberate design solutions where elements of the table were subtle and stunning. Keeping the dishes and flatware simple, it allowed the flowers and food to be the showstoppers.

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french birthday

A French Fete Birthday

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of hosting a birthday dinner party for a dear friend and am excited to share with you all this content! Behind the scenes were a bit crazy (the urgent care, pain killers, and changing plans due to triple degree temps might have been involved), but I am absolutely thrilled with the results, the way it all turned out, and the friends that helped to pull it off.

summer makeup picks

My Summer Makeup Picks

With the summer season in full force, I decided to let you inside my makeup bag. When it comes to summer makeup, I like to keep things light and minimal. I’m one who prefers a more natural look and was known for rarely wearing makeup in college. When it comes to choosing makeup, I’ve been impressed with how the makeup industry has adapted to the needs and demands of more natural products for customers. They have evolved far past the basic mineral powders of 10 years ago. I’ve found brands that I love and am always looking for the best makeup to place on my skin. With my day-to-day use of makeup, I like to keep a limited color palette of nudes keeping things light and bright. These products are some of my favorites and will last in the water, sweat, and sun.

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