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fig toast

Toast with Fig, Honey, and Goat Cheese

We love a great recipe. The one where it highlights fresh flavors, is simple, and can be made in five minutes. This is one of those recipes and is a breakfast standby in our house. Highlighting the late summer fig, paired with honey and a goat cheese spread, this toast is a delicious treat and can be made as you’re prepping your coffee, packing your kiddos lunch, or checking emails. (Let’s be real breakfast can be crazed and this recipe is an on the go favorite.)

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5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe for Free

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe for Free

Fall fashion is rolling out in full force and confession, my minimalist tendencies are deeply battling with my love of all things on-trend and wanting to look on point. This month, I have a lot of big expenses hitting all at once. School bills, business expenses, and medical bills all are coming down the pike this month, making spending excess money on clothes not an option. It’s real, but a slight bummer. Maybe you’ve been there and still want to look amazing. You see new fashion roll out and realize you haven’t gone shopping for anything but basics for years.

Here are 5 tips we use to freshen up our wardrobe that are absolutely free. That’s right. Free.

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mid season capsule

A Mid Season Capsule

When it comes to the late days of summer, I always find myself living in a unique tension. I love the fashions for early fall, but find myself still in the sweltering days of summer. In light of this I was inspired to go through my closet and put together a mid-season capsule. With neutrals that usher in fall and bid farewell to the final days of summer oh so perfectly.

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8 recipes to beat the heat

8 Recipes to Beat the Heat

Happy Friday everyone!

We’re in the height of summer and are headed to the mountains for a bit of hiking, kayaking, and camping. It will be a welcome reprieve from the work week and our first time camping since moving to NorCal. It’s long, long overdue. We’ve put together this roundup of recipes because well, it’s hot. Really hot. We joke around that a Redding summer feels somewhat like the surface of the sun, where when it stays at 90 we think, “Wow, that feels cool.”

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just 3 strawberry basil sorbet

3 Ingredient Strawberry Basil Sorbet

As we’ve been sticking to all things clean and whole in our house, I must share with you the greatest temptation. Snacking and desserts. These two food categories could throw me off quicker than anything else. This recipe is legit, takes 3 ingredients, and doesn’t involve an ice cream maker. It makes it a winner for us. The sweetness of the sorbet comes through naturally through the strawberries. The citric acid from the lemon elevates the melded flavors of the basil and strawberries without being overly tart. (Also, it’s Whole30 approved which is a big win in our house.)

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