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behind the brand

Behind the Brand: Why did I choose Glisten and Grace?

Arete. Filled with light and life. As I began a process of launching the blog and choosing a similar name for my design studio I knew a few things. I would appeal to women somewhat like myself. I was dedicated to radical intentionality, generosity, and transforming ordinary moments that fill our days into something meaningful, giving life joy and purpose. More than anything I wanted women to learn to embrace the imperfections in life. I wanted content to feel authentic and hit the note of vulnerability and truth, grit and beauty, embracing the paradox that happens when life no longer looks like a Pinterest feed.

5 ways to improve instagram

5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram (Business) Game

Around here we love Instagram. It’s our favorite social media platform. (With the Introduction of video and stories, it’s become incredibly entertaining as well.) As the years have gone by, many are trying to navigate how to use Instagram for business. How do you show up consistently, presenting your services to the world? Are you finding creative ways to engage your audience? How do you stay true to your creative voice and raise it into a raving, paying tribe?

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work to live

Monday Words: Work to Live

Work to live. Live to work. One phrase has fullness of meaning, filled with dreams, possibilities, and hope. The other is one that is full of dread, long hours, and lack. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on my workload, sustainability, and building my business. It has come with many hours of thought and deliberation. What I’ve discovered along the way as a freelancer is that while you can work from anywhere, you simultaneously to your work with you everywhere you go… It can be liberating, full of freedom, or it can be crippling.

maker stories north state woodshop

Maker Stories: North State Woodshop

I first discovered David’s work at a shop downtown. I was attending a pop-up shop and scattered throughout the upstairs loft we stunning mid century modern pieces. They had craft, melding form and function. Whether multiple layers of wood or soft curves, no detail was overlooked. They were beautiful and I realized that I had stumbled upon a hidden gem in Redding. As soon as my eyes laid on the first end table, I knew I wanted to meet this maker, hear his story, and learn about his craft. Today we launch a new column as we explore the world of makers and sit down with David of North State Woodshop.

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working to take time off

Working to Take Time Off

When it comes to taking time off as a creative and entrepreneur, there’s always a hesitation within. Will you miss out on the call? Will your clients survive if you step away from your phone? In the first year if business, it’s easy to think that it will all go downhill if you take a day off or simply shut off your device. As a creative and entrepreneur, you are passionate and leave and breathe what you do. You got into business for yourself, not because you like working from your couch, but because you are excellent and absolutely love you what you do. It burns within you. There are definitely benefits of being an entrepreneur. You get to create your own schedule and can work from spaces that inspire you. You have a few more tax write-offs than the average person. You have the ability to work on the road and travel. Adventure and creativity are probably your love language. However, what happens when the hustle becomes too much? When you’re at capacity and haven’t had a vacation in years? What happens when you become a slave to your device?