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5 things in morning routine

5 Things In My Morning Routine That Change Everything

I’ve always been fascinated by the habits of entrepreneurs and successful people. Back when I had time to read through a blog feed, I loved the interviews of makers and what their day might look like. Over the years I’ve been able to cultivate my creative voice, process, and have found routine to be vital to having a successful day and outlook. When it comes to mornings I used to loathe them. I’ve been waking up early since I was six and dreaded the idea of not sleeping in. Now as an adult, I’ve come to love my early mornings. The achiever within me loves getting things accomplished early and having moments without being pulled in by the needs and demands of someone else.

Here are the five things that have changed everything in my morning routine.

how to create margin

How to Create Margin

“Never mistake busyness for significance.”

I heard this statement made by Bill Johnson, our senior pastor, as the final address to our graduating class. It hit me straight between the eyes. It’s easy to fill our schedules and days with things. But are the tasks that fill our days significant? If they don’t happen, who will it effect? Will it affect anyone?