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5 Ways to Stay Motivated Daylight Savings Time

5 Ways to Stay Motivated (With Daylight Savings Time)

As we move into the days of late winter, the nights are overwhelmingly long. If you’re anything like me, I frequently look outside and all I long to do is sleep. Last night my motivation was looking at the window and longing for my bed at 7:30, thinking it was far later than the actual time. With shrouding darkness at 4:00 due to surrounding snow capped mountains, it’s easy to feel pushed and feeling that more should be done. (This means in our world all shoots must be completed by 3pm.) How do we stay motivated and stay awake with the surrounding darkness?

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braised turkey breast

Braised Turkey Breast with Burnt Citrus

As a kid I remember watching an episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It was an episode where Will, Carlton, and Hilary were tasked with cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for his mom. At one point the turkey was frozen another it caught on fire. Everytime I cook a turkey this episode replays in my mind. By keeping techniques simple, you’re guaranteed a moist and delicious turkey. Over the years, I’ve typically cooked things with a brine, but this year I opted to mix things up with braising technique. While cooking a whole turkey is impressive in appearance, by breaking your turkey into smaller pieces you’ll be able to flavor the meat more thoroughly, retain moisture, and cut down your cooking time.

friendsgiving 2017

Friendsgiving 2017

This post would better be titled how to clean, shop, and cook for Friendsgiving in a day. As a blogger, it’s easy to come up with hosting solutions and ideas that take a long time and are incredibly creative. This Friendsgiving my life required a bit more simplicity. I started with the size. While I love the farmhouse table in our townhome, it can feel a bit tight. With the focus of Friendsgiving being the food, I wanted plenty of tablespace, so I apted to invite 3 friends to join me. The morning of the dinner, I cleaned the lower level of our house and purchased groceries. As the turkey was cooking, I set the table.

fall home edit

Cozy Up: Fall Home Edit

Our fall nights are long, seriously long. With daylight savings in full force and surrounded by the mountains, it gets dark at 4 o’clock in the evening. It’s the perfect time for all those home projects that you’ve been putting off as we played outside during the summer. Keep reading for 5 ways to make your home fall ready after the jump!