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make the whole beautiful

Monday Words: Make the Whole Beautiful

There are moments when we look back and there are pieces, fragments and seemingly innocuous moments that don’t fit together. Regardless of how you look at them, they just don’t seem to make sense. The chips fall where they fall. Failures and disappointments happen in the ebb and flows of life. More than anything, I’ve learned there’s something about resilience. Having the ability to look at disappointments and failures and move forward changes everything. Over the past year, it seems that this is a lesson I’ve been learning over and over again. However, there is one thing I have learned- failure is never fatal. It’s how quickly and gracefully we get back up that makes all the difference.

paula scher quote

Monday Words: Getting Better with Everyday

There’s something about hindsight, isn’t there? The other day I found myself reviewing the first post on the blog. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the past two years. Lately I’ve been thinking about this space and the creative force behind it. I’m always searching for inspiration, whether in music, film, art, story, or makers. I often complete edits late at night on the couch and find myself watching Netflix. Recently I stumbled upon the documentary series called Abstract. I was watching the episode on graphic designer Paula Scher. (This series is similar to Chef’s Table but for spheres within the art industry. I couldn’t recommend it enough.)

let it explode

Monday Words: Let it Explode

A few weeks ago I found myself walking across Shasta Dam. Normally this is a common thing to do on a pretty day when you’re wanting to play with water and get a few spring and summertime photos. However, this day was different. It was iconic. The last time I was at the dam it was a rainy day. This winter and spring, we’ve had more rainy days that have followed. Downpours and hailstorms have come. Usually talking about the weather isn’t a great way to begin a conversation (or a blog post for that matter), but as I crossed the dam underneath the spring sunshine, I realized there was a noise. Where we had a drought for three years, the dam was released and water was rushing through. I heard the rush of water and saw the water levels at an all time high for the first time in three years.

millennials may life be experienced

Dear Millennials: May Your Life Be Experienced

In a new series, Dear Millennials, I share simple thoughts for my generation. Over the past decade millennials have gotten a bad wrap. I realized this in the past week as I found myself listening into the dialogue of a baby boomer in a crowd of millennials. Found in a conference setting, the dialogue came from the heart of a leader longing to teach submission, honor, and leadership to a room full of millennials. That dialogue led to the development of this column.

“I believe life should be experienced, not solely curated.”

have less. do more.

Monday Thoughts: Have Less, Do More

Today’s focus is simple. The other day, it was found in a moment. Scrolling across one of the many feeds on my phone, I saw this quote and it struck something deep within. Simplicity is something that have lost over the past year. While I love living surrounded by beautiful things and spaces, the space has become cluttered and full, rather than the beautiful curation I love. There was little breathing room and space to encounter life as it came. What does simplicity and raw clarity of life and mind look like?