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day diaries bend oregon

Day Diaries: Bend, Oregon

Micro-breweries. Homemade kombucha. Fire pits. A stunning view of the Three Sisters mountains. These are a few of the staples of character-filled Bend, Oregon. Bend is a charming and well-rounded city, celebrating the arts as well as rugged adventure.

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Portland City Guide

Portland. Located 6 hours north, it’s the perfect weekend getaway. A few weekends ago we headed to Portland, part for play and part for work, completing photoshoots for a few clientts. Last time I was in Portland, it was 6 years ago on a road trip with a college roommate. At the time we stayed in a hostel and were living on a road trip budget. This time my visit to Portland surprised me in the best of ways. No longer a quirky city, Portland has grown and flourished with amazing spots past the downtown corridor. We decided to explore Portland like a local and found spots that are impressive and past keeping Portland weird. My second visit to Portland was lovely and I can’t wait to visit again soon.

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ashland oregon

D A Y T R I P: Ashland, Oregon

Located 2 hours north on the 5, Ashland, Oregon is a rad little town. With a creek that runs through the heart of the historic downtown corridor, it couples a quaint, cozy vibe with a bit of a boho and hippie flair. Whether it’s shopping, food, or great coffee you’re looking for, it’s the perfect day trip to escape NorCal for a bit of an adventure.

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what's in my bag crater lake

What’s In My Bag: Crater Lake, Oregon

Ahhh. The lake. There’s nothing quite like it. This week I’m enjoying my time off the grid, creating, discovering, and exploring with my older brother and his family. Being at Crater Lake National Park, cultivates a sense of nostalgia. We would frequently travel the Northwest on vacations and Crater Lake brings back snapshots of a much younger self, hiking to waterfalls with my parents, finding walking sticks, and naming all the chipmunks on the trail.