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a little lassen adventure

A Little Lassen Adventure

The day started unlike most weekdays. Coffee in tow, a great friend, intentionality, and a bit of adventure were the driving notes for the path we chose. It was a Friday where we shuffled things around and took a Friday off. Kelcy was my adventure friend for the day. Full of spontaneity, life, and kindness, we love long drives and find culture every time we spend together. It was time to adventure back to the stunning mountains that fill our daily horizon.

new work in portfolio- the mcconnell foundation-01

New Work In Portfolio: The McConnell Foundation

There comes a time in life where you have a full circle moment. This project was one of those moments for me. Over a year ago, I started a business filled with hope and optimism. Due to unforeseen events, 6 months later I was forced to close that business and was absolutely devastated. I have put my heart and soul into it. Believing in the future of Redding and revitalizing downtown, I didn’t know that a year later I would be allowed to collaborate on a project with an absolute dream client. When the call came to work for The McConnell Foundation, I jumped at the opportunity. Sometimes when you trust that it’s all going to work out, beauty truly comes from ashes. This project became deeply personal as I poured my life into it over the past month.

Today we’re taking you behind the design process as we share the new work in our portfolio for The McConnell Foundation.

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burney falls

Day Trip: Burney Falls

With the end of a school year coming to a close, it was time to find another adventure. When my mom came to visit NorCal, we decided to head to Burney Falls for the day. With a few easy trails and an hour drive, it was a perfect spring afternoon. (That and my mom has a mild obsession with waterfalls, so it was a super easy decision.)

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mt lassen summit

Explore More: Mt Lassen

Recently I spent a Saturday, not unlike most of my Saturdays. My heart was ready to escape the city, find my feet along the dusty trail, and to push myself a bit further. Earlier in the summer I had made it my goal to summit Mt. Lassen and I was so excited to find the company of a few friends to join me. With snacks in hand we hit the road for a day of hiking. It was an adventure I loved and will be repeated in the near future. My heart found exactly what it needed in the company of great people, as I journeyed above the tops of the pines.

corning ca

Tasting Tour: Corning, CA

Somewhere in between Redding, CA and Sacramento, CA you will find vast farmland. Full of olive groves and wineries, the climate is similar to that of the Mediterranean, and yields loads of of olive oil and various wines. One day I decided to go on adventure with a friend and a new column was born. Meet the tasting tour. I’ll take you on my culinary adventures in a certain region or area.

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