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Monday Words: Getting Better with Everyday

There’s something about hindsight, isn’t there? The other day I found myself reviewing the first post on the blog. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the past two years. Lately I’ve been thinking about this space and the creative force behind it. I’m always searching for inspiration, whether in music, film, art, story, or makers. I often complete edits late at night on the couch and find myself watching Netflix. Recently I stumbled upon the documentary series called Abstract. I was watching the episode on graphic designer Paula Scher. (This series is similar to Chef’s Table but for spheres within the art industry. I couldn’t recommend it enough.)

work to live

Monday Words: Work to Live

Work to live. Live to work. One phrase has fullness of meaning, filled with dreams, possibilities, and hope. The other is one that is full of dread, long hours, and lack. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on my workload, sustainability, and building my business. It has come with many hours of thought and deliberation. What I’ve discovered along the way as a freelancer is that while you can work from anywhere, you simultaneously to your work with you everywhere you go… It can be liberating, full of freedom, or it can be crippling.

Today is a Good Day for a Good Day

Today is a Good Day for a Good Day

After reviewing the past year, I think we all could agree we’re thankful for fresh starts and new beginnings. I’m incredibly thankful for 2017. More than anything, I’m focused on creating margin. Margin for things I desire, breathing room for self-care, and gratitude. There are studies that directly correlate gratitude with happiness, the words we speak, and the paths we think. Over the past year, I’ve been confronted with hard feedback. It was phrased as a simple question, really. “Why is life overwhelming hard? Where is the joy found in your life?” Confronted with this reality from a dear friend, I’ve made it my goal to find the inner optimist within. Life is really good, things are looking up, and I’m choosing to be thankful for the ordinary moments. Sometimes it takes practice. What are three things you are thankful for? Why is today a good day? These are questions I’ve been asking myself every evening and I’m finding a new depth of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment to the nuances that fills my days.