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10 Gifts for Millennials

10 Gifts for the Millennial In Your Life

When it comes to shopping for millennials, there’s some easy ways to win. Whether it’s gift cards to a favorite coffee shop, a manicure, or pedicure, there’s great ideas for the 20 somethings in your life. Use this guide to direct you and make the best purchases buy for the millennial in your life.

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letter to millennials

An Open Letter to Millennials: It’s Time for Something New

For many of you, you know my story. It is one of incredible victory and agonizing defeat. One where every day was a choice. I was met with obstacles throughout my twenties and left me with a few options. I could stay stuck where I was, swallowing with it the bad cards I was dealt, or choose to stick to my beliefs and move forward. On certain days it was grueling. Other days there was ebb and flow, with the grace to navigate life. It was and has never been easy. I graduated from college in the worst economy imaginable. It was 2009. I had great grades, 5 internships under my belt, and a double major. It took me 4 months to get hired on a church staff and 14 months later, I found myself looking for another job. More than anything my twenties have been full of work, endurance, and brute will.