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birthday wishlist 30

Hello 30. (And The Birthday Wishlist)

Every year as my birthday rolls around, the Christmas season has come to a close and the few weeks of dreams has awakened. This year is no different and as I look forward to a few items to purchase in 2018, here’s the list of items on my birthday wish list for the year. Some are adventures and others are major life moments, but either way they are equally valuable. More than anything during my 20s I learned the value of running after my dreams and passions wholeheartedly. That’s why I’m choosing honesty when it comes to the heart part of the list because this year is on where I truly longs for certain pieces of the puzzle ot be added. It’s real, true, and feels right. I have a feeling 30 is going to be a tremendous year.

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30 lessons I've learned before 30

30 Lessons I’ve Learned Before 30

It’s the time of year where hiatus, hibernation, and goal setting. While it is the start of the new year for everyone else, for myself it’s also marks the start of a new decade. My twenties were full. Full of cross-country moves, rebuilding of community, and choosing to find home whether with two 50 lb bags in tow or in apartments. Inspired by the work of Stefan Sagmeister, (you can check out his video here), today this post is a reflection on the past decade. It’s been wild and a crazy adventure beyond my furthest imagination.

top 5 posts of 2017

The Top 5 Posts of 2017

In the blogging world, with every click you vote. Every year I’m surprised by what blog posts, you my dear readers, have come to love on this site. There are certain things I can predict and other things that seem to come out of left field. Today we’re rolling out your Top 5 list, as we reveal the posts that were your faves in 2017.

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Shop Small: Redding, CA Gift Guide

In honor of Shop Small Saturday and supporting small businesses, I’ve put together this gift guide in honor of some of my favorites in city. From the leather goods and jewelry, to stoneware and the most delicious desserts you can find, these small businesses are putting Redding on the map, bringing creativity and economy to our small town.

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