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mary anne radmacher quote

Tuesday Thoughts: Redefining Courage

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” -Mary Anne Radmacher

This quote is one that I’ve stumbled upon the past few weeks and I have come to love it. As I look at the upcoming season, it’s one where I’ve chosen to find my inner voice and embrace courage in the most important of ways. While living life as a student and a creative entrepreneur, it takes courage. Courage to show up, to run after your dreams, the late nights of work, the pushing projects forward, and choosing to run after goals. The life you want and are running after is never easy to attain but usually comes with loads of hard work.

dreaming of a creative loft

Dreaming of A Creative Loft

Over the past few months our townhome has gone through some changes. It’s the first time I’m living in Redding and have my own room. I can’t tell you the freedom this shift holds. We’re still figuring out things for the fall, but are loving having a dedicated space. Once I knew I had my own space, there was something that I longed for. I was ready to have an 8 foot desk back in my life.

green space

Dreaming of Green Space

After being in our townhome for 8 months, there are a few improvements we can’t wait to make. As people that love being outside our small patio space has been crying out for help since we have moved in. Initially, we thought forget it. With a poorly maintained fence by the property company and a space of less than 10 x 10 square feet, what was the point? That and we live in a rental, does it really matter? As time went on, we discovered that we would spend a lot of money at coffee shops just to be outside. It was time to make this space a reality.

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power of influence

The Power of Influence

It’s interesting being a creative today. It seems that some of us have fallen into the world of making and doing by happenstance, almost an autopilot of sorts. For others creating goes back to the youngest of our days. I’ve found myself lately in a space of looking back to the past and simultaneously looking toward the the future. I don’t believe that I can predict design or fashion trends, but rather I’m acknowledging the power of influence over the power of comparison.

stay inspired

Staying Inspired (Past the Screen)

We’ve all been there. It has been a long day of staring at your computer screen, working on items for clients, and regardless of how hard you try, the day seems rather lackluster. You don’t feel creative, but rather are just meeting the next deadline, trying your best to meet the needs of your clients. You’ve browsed Pinterest a few times, have created moodboards, but nothing you’re coming up with feels fresh or creative. Rather it seems that your design work admires (and maybe too closely mirrors) the work of someone else. What do you do when your creativity has lost it’s spark? How do you stay inspired? Whether it’s writers block or not having creative design solutions, finding you have nothing to blog about, or realizing you’ve done fashion shoots in the same color scheme for 2 months (guilty on this one), know that some fresh inspiration, innovation, and ideas are on their way as you follow these tips and tricks.