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Minimal Ornament Wall Hanging

Minimal Ornament Wall Hanging DIY

When it comes to DIYs we love things that look minimal, are easy to execute, and can be accomplished without many supplies. If I must be honest, I wouldn’t consider myself a crafter. While I’m creative, I don’t necessarily spend hours on projects outside of setting the occasional table. For me, this makes sense and keeps the items I store as minimal as possible. (As a kid I had endless craft supplies and as an adult I try to only purchase items I know I will use.) After living in the same townhome for three year, I choose simple DIYs and am saving my energy for when I decide to tackle a fixer upper. This DIY is one I choose to redo every year and this year’s I love. Providing the much needed negative space for the eye in the living room, this DIY can be made with a few supplies on hand.

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Home Sweet Holidays

Home Sweet Holidays

Every year our Christmas decor gets updated and this year has been our favorite to date. While we love the use of multiple metallics and neutrals, it was time to embrace a bit of color back into our decor. As I looked around at fresh trends there were two ideas that came to mind- flocked trees with white lights or jewel tones. I wasn’t ready to make the jump to a snow flocked tree quite yet. Upon trying to source a palette I wasn’t fully satisfied with the jewel tones I was finding. They seemed to be straight out of Bollywood and incredibly bright. Instead I chose a melding of old and new. Using gold and copper ornaments from previous year, this anchored metallics throughout the palette and paired beautiful with rich colors of red, blue, green, and gold. This tree has become a favorite to date. Playing with texture and shine, it glistens in the light and adds visual interest, not to mention brings back a bit of color to the living room.

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deck the halls

Before + After: Deck the Halls

It’s Christmas Eve everyone! It’s been a marathon this month and I’m happy we’re almost to the end of the year, with a few days to relax, reflect, and move forward. Today I wanted to share with you a bit of our holiday decor. It’s quite a big before and after. I’ve loved every minute of decorating for the Christmas season in our new space this year. There’s something about starting out from scratch, knowing it’s yours, and coming up with a palette all your own. Let’s begin the home tour!

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