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Branding: 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring A D├ęsigner

When it comes to working with small businesses, I’ve quickly learned that many business owners don’t know what to expect when working with a designer. As a small business owner, we get it. You’re investing in your business and it feels like a risk. Is marketing and advertising worth it? Doesn’t it make sense to try a DIY approach and using Canva rather than shelling out the big bucks?

bridge bay portfolio


As a designer, there’s creativity that comes from every project. With a established logo set and identity, how do you shift collateral in a fresh direction, while honoring the existing integrity of what has been established? This project forced me to think outside of the box and some beautiful items were made.

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new work in portfolio- the mcconnell foundation-01

New Work In Portfolio: The McConnell Foundation

There comes a time in life where you have a full circle moment. This project was one of those moments for me. Over a year ago, I started a business filled with hope and optimism. Due to unforeseen events, 6 months later I was forced to close that business and was absolutely devastated. I have put my heart and soul into it. Believing in the future of Redding and revitalizing downtown, I didn’t know that a year later I would be allowed to collaborate on a project with an absolute dream client. When the call came to work for The McConnell Foundation, I jumped at the opportunity. Sometimes when you trust that it’s all going to work out, beauty truly comes from ashes. This project became deeply personal as I poured my life into it over the past month.

Today we’re taking you behind the design process as we share the new work in our portfolio for The McConnell Foundation.

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mimi grace dinner suite

New Work in Portfolio: Mimi Grace Stationery Suite

Bringing cleaning eating and a modern farmhouse vibe to Redding, a husband and wife are bringing great food and community to a new restaurant. Scheduled to open in November of this year, I partnered with Mimi Grace to design and style a recent dinner party. Bringing together friends and family, we celebrated the evening as we sampled menu items for the opening. This paper suite combines clean black and white with slight touches of kraft paper. Unlike bridal suites, this suite is simple, minimalist, and gives ode to the restaurant in a fresh concept. (We firmly believe modern farmhouse can be said without shiplap and jars everywhere.)

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automate your life

How to Automate Your Business (and Get Your Life Back)

When you hear “automation” and “systems,” what are the first things that come to mind? Like most creatives, I used to groan when I heard about systems. It sounds boring and dull. However, after three months, can we tell you something? Systems have absolutely given my life back. It has been worth it. Every step of the way.

On any given day, I handle most of the administrative tasks of WORK, while balancing and maintaining my other jobs and streams of income. The past three months have been a marathon and it doesn’t look like it is slowing down anytime soon. Here are some of my favorite tools for getting things done and automating portions to get my life back. (For when you can’t do everything and can’t afford to hire an assistant.)