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How To Set Intentional Goals and Crush Them

How to Set Intentional Goals (And Crush Them)

Increasing my revenue by $20,000. Buying my dream car in cash. Saving for a house. Landing a dream internship. Funding a site redesign. Hiring subcontractors. Having dream clients. I’m a dream chaser and goal getter with the best of them. For me, it’s easy to set a goal and plow a path toward it. For others, I know the road is far more challenging. The idea of imagining a life past the current circumstance seems daunting, as the daily tasks of adulting are far more than anyone can handle.

Want to know how to crush your goals for the year? These 5 Tips will get you there.

word of 2017 focus

2017 A Year of Focus

Confession: This is my favorite week of the year. The world is articulating hope, dreams, and moving forward. This magical and feels different. The visual noise and clutter from the holiday season have died down and a season of new beginnings has come forth. Last year, my word for the year was risk. Indeed, it was full of risk, stepping out into the unknown, and embracing the wild adventure that came with it. (You can read last year’s post here.)This year’s word is focus.

set intentional goals

How to Set Intentional Goals

Losing the holiday weight, paying down debt, or finding your voice in your small business. It’s the time of year where we reflect, look forward, and articulate to others the resolutions we are hoping to achieve.

I must admit. It is one of my favorite times of year. It’s the one time of year it feels safe to share the dreams on your heart with others. However, what happens when you live in a place when dreams are no longer articulated after the end of January? For most, goal-setting and resolutions is something that only lasts a few weeks. After a while, the mornings are too early to get up and work out. The hustle for the side business becomes too much. When you take out all of the sugar and salt from your diet you find that you crave it. Then, I make the obvious choice.

I stop and quit. I go back to my carved and deeply chiseled, set-in ways. Why? Why do we stop working towards our goals a few weeks in?

Does it come down to a lack of will power? Is it that we have terrible habits? I would argue that our problem with keeping goals is quite different.

Maybe we don’t know why we’re setting our goals to begin with….