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love and influence

An Honest Talk about Love and Influence

Over the years through the Internet, we’ve found celebrity and significance in the feeds and scrolling that fill our days. As I look to inspiration, pattern, and creativity that fills our days, there’s a necessary purpose and meaning that comes to the surface. For many creatives, we quickly realized focusing on impact is the best solution. With this comes algorithms, a need to increase following, raise a tribe, and boost engagement. As our networks increase, so does our influence. It’s all done in the name of impact.

25 Ways to Love Yourself

25 Ways to Love Yourself

It wasn’t a normal Saturday. After a meeting, everything that I had been feeling over the past few months came rushing to the surface. Tears couldn’t seem to stop for hours. I had a good cry, one of those that didn’t seem to make any sense, where every feeling that had been pushed down rose in the form of tears. I finally gave my heart a voice.

Often times I find that when my business is going great, my personal life is less than great, or vice versa. As someone that operates at a high capacity, it’s easy to look at the highlight reels of others and allow for voices of comparison and limitation to take the driver’s seat. However, after this past weekend I’m reminded of the value of giving your heart a voice. When it comes to self care, only I truly know how to take care of myself. Knowing when to give yourself grace, to take care of yourself body, soul, and spirit, laying other items to the side. Self-care isn’t selfish or narcissistic, rather it allows you to show up, bringing your best self to the table, and the ability to serve others over and over again. In light of this, we put together a little list to brighten up your Monday. Regardless of the season, dream you’ve been chasing, or length of your to do list, take some time for self care today.


Getting Real: How to Overcome Rejection

Life has good seasons, ebbs and flows to it. There are peaceful partings where forks in the road come, relationships naturally change, and there’s mutual understanding. Then there’s the other moments. The romantic relationship that ends unexpectedly, the friend of years that walks out, or the dream job where they love your work, but don’t necessarily love you. At some in life, we all face rejection, loneliness, and the hurt that comes with it. But how we deal with rejection, pain, and moving forward, determines the ability for our heart to love and lend trust to others again.

Over the past two years, I’ve gone through an intensive process and have found that overcoming rejection was one of my biggest victories. Very rarely in life and love do we talk about vulnerability, rejection, and hurt. While it brings depths of meaning to the relationships where people choose us, as we navigate life, we’re rarely given tools to face pain, cope with it, and overcome rejection. We tell ourselves time will heal wounds and we learn how to put our feet on the ground every morning. If we’re perfectly honest, no one wants to identify themselves as someone who struggles with rejection and acceptance.

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the past few years that have been vital.

letter to millennials

An Open Letter to Millennials: It’s Time for Something New

For many of you, you know my story. It is one of incredible victory and agonizing defeat. One where every day was a choice. I was met with obstacles throughout my twenties and left me with a few options. I could stay stuck where I was, swallowing with it the bad cards I was dealt, or choose to stick to my beliefs and move forward. On certain days it was grueling. Other days there was ebb and flow, with the grace to navigate life. It was and has never been easy. I graduated from college in the worst economy imaginable. It was 2009. I had great grades, 5 internships under my belt, and a double major. It took me 4 months to get hired on a church staff and 14 months later, I found myself looking for another job. More than anything my twenties have been full of work, endurance, and brute will.

let there be peace on earth


This Friday I woke up to a full news feed. And while I would love to say that it is full of fun summer photos and adventures, it has a different tone this morning. Full of current events, people’s opinions, and recent calamity, this time in France. I think about friends who are from France, the place this country has in their story, and the beauty of spirit and culture this place holds.

I think about the mass shootings of the past month and the tension brought about by the election year. The division and evil it has revealed. While I am far from hopeless, I’ve seen the dividing line it has brought with it. The lack of compassion and heart it has revealed in this nation.