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Meal Prep vol 2

Meal Prep | Vol. 2

When it comes to meal prepping, I’m learning that this post serves as an anchor point and sign post for the adulting ways of life. If I fail to meal prep, life is at a crazed pace to the point of missing meals for lengths of time. Yesterday I went from meeting to meeting and emails, finally realizing I had survived through a simple principle of fasting. (Not a great option.) This morning I woke up at 6 AM solely knowing it was time to prep. This week’s prep started mid-week using the leftover items in my refrigerator. I can’t tell you how much I love this meal plan for that very reason. It’s a rare skill to know how to eat down your pantry and create a week’s worth of meals from leftover groceries. The weather around here has turned cold and I’m looking forward to the healthier versions of the comfort food this week’s menu provides.

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meal prep vol 1

Introducing Meal Prep

Over the past month, we’ve been brainstorming ways to breathe new life back into content. With the new year came new resolutions, goals, and moving forward. One of these was simply to meal prep food every weekend for the week ahead. Over the past two weeks, Sunday nights have been spent adulting, catching up on laundry and meal prepping for the week ahead.

I live in the tension of creating inspirational content and the practical. Here’s the honest truth. For the past two years, if it weren’t for the salad section at Trader Joe’s I might have starved. Outside of recipe testing and planning gatherings for the blog, I eat simple foods that are on the go. This column will serve as menus that are practical and highlight some of our favorite healthy recipes from other food bloggers as well.

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winter kale soup

Winter Kale Soup

There’s something about eating healthy, losing weight, and resolves coming right during the middle of winter. If most of us are honest we couldn’t be further from thinking about our beach body or getting up early to work out when it’s still dark. While we love salads with the best of them, there’s something about eating cold food during winter that loses its appeal. Smoothies when it’s 20 degrees outside is a hard sell. Maybe you’re like me and are thinking the same thing. In light of this, we came up with this delicious kale soup recipe. Warm, comforting, and with a few tweaks, it’s whole30 compliant. This soup can be dinner tonight.

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Braised Lamb Shank

Braised Lamb Shank

As we shared in today’s holiday gathering, every year we attempt to push the culinary expertise in our kitchen with something we’ve never done before. This year it looked like recreating a favorite dish we’ve had in restaurants. With a basic wine aus jois, fresh herbs, and a great cut of meat. We began in our Dutch oven braising the sides of the lamb and then finishing the dish by slow cooking in the oven. The result is a entree that is succulent, falls off the bone, and utters decadence with every bite.

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gluten free mini chai bundt cakes

Gluten-Free Mini Chai Bundt Cakes

With gluten-free cooking, there’s a common struggle, when baking items, it’s challenging to get the proper rise and texture with alternative flours. This recipe takes the cake. (Pun intended.) By substituting the butter and oil in the recipe for unsweetened applesauce, the cake is light, fluffy, and rich. Instead of using brewed chai and having the dough become runny, chai tea in the batter keeps the flavor rich and robust.

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