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fall fashion preview 1

Fall Fashion Preview

This fall it feels like fashion is finally pushing past the 90’s basics we’ve all embraced and loved over the past few seasons. Ruffles, suede, and prints are back in full swing. It truly feels like a season where experimentation, pushing boundaries, and style where anything goes. Whether it’s a floral pattern you’ve been hesitant to wear or some of the best flats you’ve seen in awhile, this season is all about embracing a relaxed and smart style.

roasted lamb whole30

Roasted Lamb with Squash, Tomato, and Sunflower Seeds

We continue the fall dinner party rollout, with this recipe. I love Mediterranean food so when it comes to entertaining and more costly cuts of meat, I frequently lean towards making a roasted leg of lamb. With this recipe, I wanted to lend it toward a roast treatment surrounded by veggies, roasted garlic, and delicious sunflower seeds. By adding these roasted veggies to the roast, they had a lovely roasted flavor and made for the perfect side for this dinner party. Not to mention the impressive platter of food. It looked like a feast!

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fall dinner party whole 30

A Fall Dinner Party (Whole30 Approved)

It’s the time of year where spending a bit more time inside, curling up on the couch, and enjoying a delicious meal with friends is commonplace. Last week, I invited some friends over for a dinner party. The only catch- we had all sorts of diets and food allergies to accommodate. (The list was long, but it included dairy, grain, gluten, whole30, pork, beef, avocados, bananas, and eggs.) Rather than being discouraged and resorting to eating a slab of bland meat , I decided to look at it as a challenge. You know I love a good challenge, so I started recipe researching and brainstorming the dinner with a few of my foodie friends.

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apple crisp for 2

Apple Crisp for Two

In the days of fall, I’ve found that apples have taken the back seat to all things pumpkin. In honor of days and those found picking apples in the orchard, this recipe is perfect. Adapted for a smaller crowd (I love splurging on dessert occasionally, but don’t like having it around. It’s just too tempting.), this recipe is great for cool lit nights on the back porch under the string lights. With oats and cinnamon, this recipe is a lighter and quick take on a traditional apple pie.

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when the mountains meet amber and fog

When the Mountains Meet Amber and Fog Playlist

It seems as if life has been on repeat as of late. More than the proverbial groundhog day, I’m finding myself in moments and days where I take a deep breath and dive in, knowing that as long as I take it day-by-day, things will come in time. While it seems exaggerated at a point, there’s huge value for living in the present and becoming aware. Around here, we’ve had a few days filled with crisp mornings, fresh mountain air, and the trees are beginning to turn the perfect shade of amber. It is the first year I’ve been in NorCal where it truly feels like my favorite season. In honor of this I’m sharing 5 albums perfect for these days. Bring on the weekend, full of dinner parties, cooking for friends, and gathering around the common table.

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