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whats in my bag camping

What’s In My Bag: Camping Edition

Last weekend, we spent our first weekend out in the woods and camping with a group of friends. It was my first trip since moving to NorCal and a much needed reprieve. Not to mention, I was able to get my kayak out for the first time this season. A welcome sight indeed. While I might have encountered a few more furry creatures than I would have prefered, all in all, the trip was a huge success. There are a few tips and tricks that we absolutely love and are perfect, whether you prefer backpacking or car camping.

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salmon packets

Salmon Packets

When it comes to camping, I always find that a few hacks up my sleeve are worth it. This recipe is one of those and a game changer. Whether made in charcoal embers in the bowl of a grill or over a campfire, with a bit of simple prep, this meal can be easily made in the backcountry, on the campground, or in the backyard. Made with simple ingredients, it’s whole, seasonal, and fresh boasting the flavors of summer.

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ashland oregon

D A Y T R I P: Ashland, Oregon

Located 2 hours north on the 5, Ashland, Oregon is a rad little town. With a creek that runs through the heart of the historic downtown corridor, it couples a quaint, cozy vibe with a bit of a boho and hippie flair. Whether it’s shopping, food, or great coffee you’re looking for, it’s the perfect day trip to escape NorCal for a bit of an adventure.

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Fighting Wanderlust

On this Monday, the skies are gray and filled with rain. My heart is longing a bit more warmth and some sunshine. Every few months, I have cravings. They’re bad and deep. Looking at the Instagram accounts of makers and doers, the hopeful musings of wanderers, my heart longs for travel and adventure. Luckily next month, I’ll be […]