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coffee setup

Our Coffee Setup

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning. It’s a skill that takes a bit of time and investment, but can save $1000s a year over going to a coffee shop. Last weekend, I shared a few Instagram stories about an at-home coffee setup. Today I thought I’d share the details full post. These items are a bit of an investment, but you’ll get great espresso without spending investing in a $600 machine. A true win.

For the coffee lover, keep reading for the best setup after the jump!

iced lavender dirty chai

Iced Lavender Dirty Chai

There’s something about lavender. I absolutely love it. If I’m looking for a workspace away from home I usually head to a favorite coffee shop and get their honey lavender latte. It’s my favorite and is the perfect start to my workday. With summer temperatures on the horizon, it’s time to break out the iced drinks with a touch my favorite, lavender. Paired with the nuance of chai, this drink uses a homemade lavender syrup with fresh lavender from the garden.

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