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Minimal Ornament Wall Hanging

Minimal Ornament Wall Hanging DIY

When it comes to DIYs we love things that look minimal, are easy to execute, and can be accomplished without many supplies. If I must be honest, I wouldn’t consider myself a crafter. While I’m creative, I don’t necessarily spend hours on projects outside of setting the occasional table. For me, this makes sense and keeps the items I store as minimal as possible. (As a kid I had endless craft supplies and as an adult I try to only purchase items I know I will use.) After living in the same townhome for three year, I choose simple DIYs and am saving my energy for when I decide to tackle a fixer upper. This DIY is one I choose to redo every year and this year’s I love. Providing the much needed negative space for the eye in the living room, this DIY can be made with a few supplies on hand.

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Minimal Evergreen Wreath

Minimal Evergreen Wreath

One of my favorite parts of this year, is the ability to find seasonal decor right outside my door. Whether it means upcycling Trader Joe’s bags as gift wrap or foraging eucalyptus or pine for decorations, it’s the adventure and walks outside that add a bit more fun to this DIY. When it comes to living in Redding, it’s somewhat challenging to source craft supplies and floral, making being resourceful and utilizing the web all the more important.

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holiday printable gift tags

Holiday Printable Gift Tags

It’s almost time to place a stack of gifts in your living room and get started wrapping! Every year I have a wrapping marathon where I put on a few good Christmas albums, make a delicious hot chocolate, and wrap until the wee hours of the morning. It’s one of my favorite traditions and a great way to knock out holiday wrapping quickly. Every year I try to spice up my wrapping- so this year I made 7 tags just for you!

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe for Free

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe for Free

Fall fashion is rolling out in full force and confession, my minimalist tendencies are deeply battling with my love of all things on-trend and wanting to look on point. This month, I have a lot of big expenses hitting all at once. School bills, business expenses, and medical bills all are coming down the pike this month, making spending excess money on clothes not an option. It’s real, but a slight bummer. Maybe you’ve been there and still want to look amazing. You see new fashion roll out and realize you haven’t gone shopping for anything but basics for years.

Here are 5 tips we use to freshen up our wardrobe that are absolutely free. That’s right. Free.

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floral bunch DIY

DIY Floral Bundles + Printable Poem

We’re continuing to roll out content from our summer sonnet gathering. (Just in case you missed it, make sure to find yesterday’s post here.) In the past, we’ve dedicated time to elaborate floral design and lofty preparation. With this gathering, a nap won. I think we spent a total of 2 hours prepping the table and the food. We wanted the gathering to feel simple, relaxed, and amazing. This table setting played with smart juxtaposition and textures throughout. We had crisp white plates paired with hand glazed stoneware. Things were made cohesive with a palette of neutrals and pops of blue and greenery. This DIY is simple. Filled with herbs and tea flowers, there’s a subtle sweetness to it. It doubles as something for guests to take with them at the end of the night if they wish.