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Before + After: A Creative Studio

When it comes to a creative space, this is a before and after that will make you marvel at the power of simple materials, smart sourcing, and the ability to pair the high and artisan with the low. Starting with cream walls and dated wood trim, this bedroom needed an overhaul and badly. As a renter, I knew I needed my improvements to be minor and things that I could detach and take with me. This was the last space I truly invested in in my townhome and I must admit, it’s something I wish I would have tackled much, much sooner.

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before after work


When it came to overhauling the interior of WORK, we thought the space was going to be turn key. Upon further exploration, it required a greater overhaul than expected. 15 gallons of paint later the space finally reached the danish minimal vibe we were going after. With touches of wood, concrete, deep blues, matte black, and a slight pop of gold, our finishes added texture to fill out the space and provide the live-in comforts we desired.

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