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creative studio

Before + After: A Creative Studio

When it comes to a creative space, this is a before and after that will make you marvel at the power of simple materials, smart sourcing, and the ability to pair the high and artisan with the low. Starting with cream walls and dated wood trim, this bedroom needed an overhaul and badly. As a renter, I knew I needed my improvements to be minor and things that I could detach and take with me. This was the last space I truly invested in in my townhome and I must admit, it’s something I wish I would have tackled much, much sooner.

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bedroom makeover

Progress Report: Bedroom Makeover

Over the past few months, I’ve been telling you all that I’ve been working on some home and DIY projects. While I have a few more projects to go, I wanted to give you all an update and share what I’ve been up to. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a few of these images already. Inspired by some of my favorite materials and minimal design, my room is starting to look like a place I actually want to spend time in. To be honest, my bedroom usually is the last space I invest in. But with a few simple tricks and keeping a strict budget, I’m really pleased with how the room is shaping up.