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a little lassen adventure

A Little Lassen Adventure

The day started unlike most weekdays. Coffee in tow, a great friend, intentionality, and a bit of adventure were the driving notes for the path we chose. It was a Friday where we shuffled things around and took a Friday off. Kelcy was my adventure friend for the day. Full of spontaneity, life, and kindness, we love long drives and find culture every time we spend together. It was time to adventure back to the stunning mountains that fill our daily horizon.

photo diary australia

Photo Diary: Australia

It’s been a week hiatus from the blog and for good reason. I’ve just returned from a work trip to Australia. It was a great nine day adventure and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed traveling to this country. First, a few facts about Australia. (Some of which I didn’t realize prior to getting there.) Australia is a country and land mass equivalent to the United States in size, minus the state of Alaska. Second, it boasts of population of 24 million people. Needless, to say the country is wild, exotic, and full of beauty to be discovered. In seven days, we merely scraped the tip of what is this beautiful country and can’t wait for our next trip to explore more.

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chasing adventure

Chasing Adventure

Adventures. It’s something we were made for. Every time I find myself leaving the city limits and hitting the open road, my heart finds excitement and joy unlike any other. As much as I love my job, running the studio, and the blog, I love working hard and playing harder. In 2016, I found myself grounded in town far more than I would have liked. Different business opportunities surfaced and kept my attention. For 2017, I quickly realized one of my goals was to take an adventure a month. Some could be local, while others would be far off, but more than anything it would mean finding rhythm, excitement, and joy in the days off. Getting lost and exploring in new cities, finding iPhone challenges, and investing in vacation are some of my favorite things. There are a few places on my list and couldn’t be more excited for them.

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Adventure: The Next Graven Image?

There’s something about adventure. Whether it’s summiting mountains, hiking in the woods, or kayaking open water, there’s something about leaving the confines of the city, getting out in nature, and leaving your worries (and cell phone service) behind. I leave the grid and the pressure begins to dissipate. There’s nothing to check, no social media to track, and no looming to do lists.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve learned that your heart craves adventure. It’s not just for having a beautiful Instagram feed or wanting to be “outdoorsy.” There’s something within my heart where I need fresh challenge, the feeling of being free, and knowing I can physically conquer something .I feel that deep within our being it is something we are created for.

But have we taken it too far?

castle crag

Explore More: Castle Crag

Located along the windy roads of Northern California and nestled among the evergreens, you will find stunning castle-like rock formations at Castle Crag. With an hour and a half drive from Redding, Castle Crag State Park, boasts excellent hiking, a day-long getaway, and some necessary time off the grid.