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5 Ways to Love A Paper Planner

5 Ways to Love A Paper Planner (With Your Tech)

When it comes to a paper planner, it’s easy to believe that carrying one makes you obsolete. However, I’ve found it couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether I’m giving presentations, ideating, or intaking information for a client, I’ve adapted easy systems that partnered with a great planner keep things organized and far less chaotic than life otherwise.

10 Books on Our Reading List for 2018

10 Books on Our Reading List for 2018

There’s nothing quite like a cozy night in with a good book. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration and moving past the norm, do yourself a favor, turn off Netflix, and open up good book, enjoying every stroke and word cover to cover. Over the next few months I’m wrapping up school (after a three-year stint) and excited for the margin to read more books, rather than the stack assigned. With that in mind we put together this reading list. There are books in here that serve as the perfect resources for small business, creating a better world in 2018, and to breathe a bit more inspiration into life this year.

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Word of the Year 2018

Word of the Year: Abide

As I gaze into my Christmas tree, I know the holiday season will soon come to a close. I’ve returned back to my California home on Friday and the fresh beginning of a new year is upon us. Past the glitter, party horns, and popping of champagne, I love the idea of a fresh start. I’m obsessed with them. Whether you’re someone who loves making resolutions or someone who has resolved to no longer make resolutions, I love the hope and optimism, the dreaming of dreams that comes to the surface. Rather than being called a dreamer, everyone seems to allow vulnerability of heart and desire come to the surface.

How To Set Intentional Goals and Crush Them

How to Set Intentional Goals (And Crush Them)

Increasing my revenue by $20,000. Buying my dream car in cash. Saving for a house. Landing a dream internship. Funding a site redesign. Hiring subcontractors. Having dream clients. I’m a dream chaser and goal getter with the best of them. For me, it’s easy to set a goal and plow a path toward it. For others, I know the road is far more challenging. The idea of imagining a life past the current circumstance seems daunting, as the daily tasks of adulting are far more than anyone can handle.

Want to know how to crush your goals for the year? These 5 Tips will get you there.