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home for Christmas

Home for Christmas

What a week it has been. Full of deadlines, working ahead, and wrapping projects up as I close the office for the holiday. This morning I’m sitting in my parents home, surrounded by a crackling fireplace, and a tree trimmed in classic red and gold. As I drink a favorite cup of locally roasted coffee and look out the kitchen window, I find my heart grateful. Grateful for the ones who have stayed by my side, the ones who have held me over the past six months, and provided me with the encouragement to keep moving forward. It is only by grace that I’ve made it home.

cranberry mimosas

Cranberry Rosemary Mimosas

Finishing off our Christmas brunch rollout, let’s celebrate with a drink. This drink is great for a crowd as it can be prepared in a pitcher prior to serving. With a few simple ingredients, it is light enough for a brunch and adds a bit of decadence to any holiday gathering. Veering from a traditional mimosa, this drink adds the flavor profile of rosemary and festive cranberries.

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truffle salt scramble

Recipe Remix: Garlic, Goat Cheese, and Truffle Salt Scramble

It’s time to bring back a column from a few years ago. Have you ever had an amazing dish and want to recreate the same dish at home? Recipe remix is a column dedicated to just that. This dish is a brunch favorite and one I’ve attempted for years. The first time I ordered this scramble was at Wild Eggs in my hometown. A local chain, it is the go-to brunch spot for anyone in town. Whether it was a brunch date, Sunday afternoon with friends, or a great cup a coffee, there are fond memories of this dish.

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christmas brunch

Christmas Brunch

There are only 6 days until Christmas. 6 days until a house will be filled with family, friends, and a sparkly tree. For many this means long mornings in Christmas PJs, filled with unwrapping presents, and gathering around the table. As a kid, our mornings started early with excitement to open presents and my mom’s traditional cinnamon coffee cake. As an adult the tradition of a christmas breakfast has evolved into a brunch with friends. With a beautiful table and favorite foods, this meal was perfect, as we celebrated the end of the semester.

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gift guides give back

Gift Guide: Gifts that Give Back

Completing this year’s gift guides, I decided to pull together items from companies that are thoughtful in their design, sourcing, and the ethics behind their products. Each selection on this guide are gifts that give back, making the world a better place. When in college my roommate and I began to learn about many of the injustices in the world. Everything from coffee, manicures, chocolate, and clothing choices contribute to these global issues. While cycles of poverty, environmental change, and slavery are huge issues, we knew we could begin to bring change by thoughtful daily purchases. At Christmas time we chose to give thoughtfully to one another. Since then, I’ve tried to source my closet, wardrobe, and home with as many timeless and thoughtfully sourced pieces I can afford. Forget the boho items of the past, this gift guide is smart, chic, and makes the fair trade movement stunningly beautiful.

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