crustless spring vegetable frittata

Crustless Spring Vegetable Frittata

Today we’re continuing the recipe roundup with this savory item from our Easter Brunch menu. With fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market, it provides the necessary protein to round out an otherwise sweet (and slightly carb-filled) table. (This is also the perfect brunch dish with friends gathered after a weekly trip to the farmer’s market. Or can be a great Saturday date with someone special. I digress, but you get the idea.) It’s a delicious and easy dish to make, paired with open windows, sunny skies, and slow Saturdays.

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just 5 rosemary potatoes

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

We’re finishing our Easter brunch recipes with this easy side dish of roasted rosemary potatoes. We foraged our rosemary on the property and used mixed varieties of potatoes, playing with nuances of flavor and color. Paired with olive oil, salt, and pepper, this side dish is simple and highlights the flavor of the potato without masking it. Made with five ingredients, the prep time takes less than 5 minutes, leaving your morning free to focus on coffee and making other dishes for your gathering.

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Whipped Goat Cheese Bruschetta (Sweet + Savory)

At every brunch there’s striking the perfect note when it comes to planning the menu. There’s the dishes that are steeped in tradition and expected staples. Then there’s the dishes that make every gathering special, hitting an unexpected note and moment of surprise. This dish was a hit at our brunch and was super easy to make. The sweet bruschetta was topped with mixed berries and cinnamon. The savory bruschetta is topped with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, and basil.

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easter brunch

Easter Brunch

I’ve always loved gatherings and this season has been no different. With fresh blooms and the upcoming holiday, any excuse to share a great meal and celebrate among those you love is welcome. With the Easter holiday on Sunday, we’re spending the rest of the week getting you prepared. This brunch menu is light and slightly decadent. A table with a low lying arrangement, natural linen, dusty pink velvet, and pops of lavender, gives an updated nod to Easter without being overly literal. It is perfect for any spring gathering.

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work to live

Monday Words: Work to Live

Work to live. Live to work. One phrase has fullness of meaning, filled with dreams, possibilities, and hope. The other is one that is full of dread, long hours, and lack. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on my workload, sustainability, and building my business. It has come with many hours of thought and deliberation. What I’ve discovered along the way as a freelancer is that while you can work from anywhere, you simultaneously to your work with you everywhere you go… It can be liberating, full of freedom, or it can be crippling.