you are enough

Monday Words: You Are Enough

As the holiday season is already in full swing, it’s already feeling somewhat crazed. (This is a super common feelingĀ  for bloggers in Quarter 4.) I’m remindedĀ of the beauty of self-worth. This Monday, remember you are worth more than what you get done, what you are able to do, or accomplish for others. May you receive and give love for who you are first and foremost than anything you might do for others. Your value is determined by the beauty of your humanity, the graciousness of your movement, and the gratitude of heart you carry. You are more than the crossed off lines on your to-do list, the clients you’ve booked, or the change you bring to the world.

May you have the courage to show up, grow, develop, and live as one who is enough this week.


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