Minimal Ornament Wall Hanging

Minimal Ornament Wall Hanging DIY

When it comes to DIYs we love things that look minimal, are easy to execute, and can be accomplished without many supplies. If I must be honest, I wouldn’t consider myself a crafter. While I’m creative, I don’t necessarily spend hours on projects outside of setting the occasional table. For me, this makes sense and keeps the items I store as minimal as possible. (As a kid I had endless craft supplies and as an adult I try to only purchase items I know I will use.) After living in the same townhome for three year, I choose simple DIYs and am saving my energy for when I decide to tackle a fixer upper. This DIY is one I choose to do every year and this year’s I love. Providing the much needed negative space for the eye in the living room, this DIY can be made with a few supplies on hand.

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minimal ornament wall hanging minimal ornament wall hanging Minimal Ornament Wall Hanging DIY


  • Fishing line
  • Black macrame cord
  • Copper Pipe, 4 ft in length
  • Tape Measure
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Assorted ornaments, in color and scale (We used a 4 small copper, 4 medium matte gold, 4 shiny evergreen, 4 matte blue, and 2 matte merlot ornaments.)


Begin by cutting black macrame cord to length. On a large flat surface lay out ornaments with even spacing. Begin by cutting your first length of fishing line to  3.5 ft in length. Attach to copper pipe and tie with a double knot. Add ornaments and tie with a single flat knot. Continue attaching each ornament and trim the excess fishing line. Tie on each subsequent row with the middle two rows being 4 feet in length and one additional ornament attached to the bottom. Attach 2 feet of black macrame cord to the end of the copper pipe. Hang on wall with a simple finishing nail. Sit back and enjoy your hard work!




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