Gift Guide for the Foodie

Gift Guide for the Foodie

When it comes to food, I’m a foodie with the best of them. I had dreams of purchasing my KitchenAid and have found one of my happiest places is standing and prepping at my makeshift island. As a little girl it began with helping my mom with meals throughout the week. In college, I began to develop my own love for gathering and hosting. After Freshman year, we started a tradition of Friday night dinners, and the best holiday celebrations college kids could put together. Since then my love for meals and gathering friends has only grown throughout the years. On this gift guide, I’ve put together some of my absolute favorites for hosting and days spent in the kitchen, working on food for myself and others to enjoy.

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Gift Guide for the Foodie

Seafoam Enamel Ware from Farmhouse Pottery: Every year I like to freshen up my dishes with a few items to add to my collection. I love this seafoam enamelware from Farmhouse Pottery. It’s the touch of texture, unexpected, and artisan quality at an approachable price point.

Copper Measuring Cups: Over the past few years we’ve been introduced to copper and mixed metal ware. These measuring cups are the perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer for the foodie and chef in your life. (We love getting the tablespoons as well.)

Stoneware Pitcher: If you’ve read the blog lately, you know I’m a big, big fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines. This pitcher is one of my favorite pieces from their latest collection. Perfect for serving a pitcher of cider, hot toddies, or using it as a vase or centerpiece. The two-tone color with the matte black and tan, keeps the pitcher casually elegant.

Live Edge Cutting Board: Another piece from the Hearth and Hand collection, we love this serving platter. We love the idea of bringing this to a holiday gathering filled with a stunning antipasto platter, filled with meats and cheeses. Leave the platter for your host as a gift for putting on the party. With the live edge, acacia wood, and leather strap detail this piece is absolutely stunning.

Weekday Weekend: Ever wondered how to eat well and still enjoy sweet treats, drinks, and appetizers? If so, this cookbook is for you! The ladies behind the blog A Beautiful Mess bring this idea of balance to life in this cookbook concept and we love it, from page to page.

Copper French Press: We normally make our daily cup with our AeroPress and make a latte macchiato. However, when it comes to travel and making coffee for a group we love this copper French Press from Bodum. On the days we’re not making coffee for the group, this press is absolutely stunning on the counter. It’s the simple moments of pleasure that make everyday extraordinary. This is gift is the perfect way to make your daily cup extraordinary.

Marble and Teak Salt Cellar: It’s the simple functional accessories that make a kitchen steeped with style. We love these salt cellars as the thoughtful moment of style placed by the stove top. For a gift, we recommend adding some favorite flavored salts. We love himalayan sea salt, a regular sea salt, and truffle salt. Perfect for any chef.

Standing Mixer: While most wait for this purchase until a registry, I think this is the perfect item of luxury for the home chef. Whether making potatoes, custards, meringues, breads, or tarts, this mixer will meet every occasion and be handed down through the generations.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven: I once read that you should own a dutch oven prior to the age of 30. Clearly I met this deadline with a few months to spare, and have loved this decision. With an enamel coating on a cast iron, you’ll be able to skip the typical steps of treating cast iron. Whether you’re raising bread, braising a leg of lamb, or roasting a turkey breast, or making an everyday pot of soup, this dutch oven will go the long haul.

Red Wine Glasses: We couldn’t forget a few basic items for the table. We love these wine glasses and they’ll arrive just in time for toasts on New Year’s Eve. Make the gift extra special by pairing with a favorite bottle of red wine.

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: With the blog of the same name, these recipes will delight and inspire you as you make memories in your own home. Every recipes feature a full-page image with dishes highlighting seasonal, fresh, and local ingredients.

Striped Linen Napkins: Casual and smart, we love the ways these striped napkins add a special moment of intention to a table. Want to make the gift more impressive? Include with napkins some lovely silicone spatulas or additional tableware.

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