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valentines printable

Free Valentines Printable

Happy Monday everyone!

This week we’re all about celebrating love and wanted to start off the week with these sweet valentines. As a kid I was all about picking out the perfect valentine for my class. I would spend what felt like an eternity as I picked out the candy, favorite characters, and the perfect card to send to each friend.

As an adult, there are years where Valentine’s Day has been celebrated. At times it has been with students, some of the best dates I can remember, and other times true Galentines days. This year, I’ve loved creating these simple and sweet valentines that are in honor of all things design. I hope you love them just as I do. With simple plays on word from kerning to type, they’re the perfect valentines for any graphic designer (or clementine lover) in your life.

Click any of the Valentines below to download.

Valentines_kerning Want all four? Click here to get them all!!

this weekend

This Weekend

It’s time. Time to enjoy the newness of the year. Last week was a full one, getting back into the routine, and creating content for 2017. Next week brings the beginning the last year of my 20s, something I never thought would look quite the way it does, but am grateful for none the less. More than anything, I’m looking at 2017 with loads of optimism. It’s been a full week, but an absolutely incredible one. There’s something about focus that brings far more contentment to a season than I could have ever imagined. With the re-entry of routine has brought back an element of self-care, working out, and cooking from home again. There’s rest, ease, and balance to my days. I couldn’t be more thankful.

This weekend is going to be filled with cozy days reading, heading to the mountains for a few shoots, and being with friends.

A few links from the Internet I’ve been loving lately:

Have you watched Minimalism on Netflix yet? I did and have been slowly paring things down around our house. It has made life far more satisfying. I go into my closet and know I love every piece. Everything I own has form and function. I’ll be sharing a bit more about this in the next few months, but I am incredibly excited for the results thus far.

This lookout tower makes me want to get away to Montana as quickly as possible. With stunning views and refurbished spaces, Dwell and Huckberry team together for this article. I’ve made it a goal to go on one adventure a month in 2017. I’m thinking about adding this to the list of destinations.

Wondering if a food subscription service is worth it? The Whole Food Diary compares all the options for you in this post.

There’s something about Greek food and olives. For weeknight dinners this week, I’ve made Mediterranean bowls that are phenomenal. Find the recipe from Heather Christo here.

Just in case you missed it, here are this week’s posts:  Letting Go What I Didn’t Do in 2016 , 2017 A Year of FocusA Minimal Winter Wardrobe with Grana, and Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery

What are you up to this weekend?

word of 2017 focus

2017 A Year of Focus

Confession: This is my favorite week of the year. The world is articulating hope, dreams, and moving forward. This magical and feels different. The visual noise and clutter from the holiday season have died down and a season of new beginnings has come forth. Last year, my word for the year was risk. Indeed, it was full of risk, stepping out into the unknown, and embracing the wild adventure that came with it. (You can read last year’s post here.)This year’s word is focus.

Over the past year, my attention has been pulled in too many directions. At times it brought me to the point of physical exhaustion and a breaking point. While attempting to navigate the proverbial work-life balance, I multi-tasked with the best. It has yielded less than stunning results. There are items I have worked tirelessly to build toward a goal and vision, only to wake up one morning and realize that I never wanted the achieved goal in 5 years. I’ve learned that progress over perfection is invaluable as a creative. But more than anything, knowing what truly deserves my time, attention, and focus, will allow me to bring forth my best self.

As a creative leading a small team, I set the course for our creative direction and focus. What happens when I lack focus? Others tend to follow suit. In a world where there is constant content available, with our phones clamoring for our every spare moment, my focus was constantly torn away from what mattered. The importance of being present was invaluable. I’ve found silencing my phone and spending days off are necessary to meeting the needs of my creative heart. Here I find clarity, new inspiration, and the adventure my soul craves. As an entrepreneur, you learn over time that it is necessary to work toward time off. In the next year, I’m hoping to take regular days off, no longer needing to capture life for my job or additional content, but to experience it. (Over the past three years, time off was used to visit family. I’m ready for a change to this pattern.) 

With focus and margin, I’ll be able to bring my best to the table. No longer treading water or feeling at a constant breaking point, I’m embracing the beauty that 2017 has already begun to offer. Full of passion, wholeheartedness, and living open. With the ability to focus, I know that production in this space will continue, but will remain inspired, not manufactured. It is easy in the world of blogging, like any other field, to produce quickly rather than with brilliance. I am the only person who will set the standard for my creative best. What does this look like specifically? I’m finding that routines are beautiful to help me move forward. I miss the quality time in my sketchbook, playing with hand lettering, and the tangibility of design I always love. I miss the days spent in my sun-soaked apartment kitchen, recipe testing, and inviting friends to be my taste testers. I miss the printed moodboards on taped to my window, filled with beautiful packaging, printing methods, and magazine layout inspiration. With 2017, I’m hoping to bring back more of the analog elements of the design and content process that I love.

With the start of 2017 brings other goals as well. Fitting in meal prep and workouts, finally purchasing a new-to-me car, and finding an adventure a month are ways I’m choosing to focus on self care.

What about you? Do you have a word for the year? What are you working on as you move into a new year?


this weekend

This Weekend

Happy Friday everyone!!

It has been a hectic week around here and I am excited for the additional time to get ahead and relax a bit. With the next month comes moving, taking on a few additional jobs, and the return of daily community to the area. I’ve been focused putting great systems in place to make the transition a bit smoother, both in business and in my personal life. This weekend will be spent preparing and dreaming about the next space. I’m really excited for this one and hope my top choice will be approved!

What are you up to this weekend? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Here are a few links I’ve been loving lately:

As I transition to another space, I’m always challenged by the minimalist aesthetic. It is something I love and can’t get enough of. White walls, wooden textures, concrete, and a pop of green seem to be my speed these days. This studio from The Fresh Exchange is stunning and one space I’m loving. The couch in the space? Incredible and one I would love to have in my living room.

With it being the middle of summer, I love any treat that helps me cool off. These coffee milkshakes from Paper N Stitch will do just that. They look delicious! Hmmm….breakfast anyone?

I’ve been following the work of Sean McCabe for a few years now. This past month he has done a 30 day series of hand lettering emails, tips, and tricks. Have you wanted to try your hand at hand lettering? You can catch up on all the tutorials here.

Just in case you missed it: Pushing Past Fear, Meet the Coffee Soda, and Explore More: Crater Lake.


crater lake

Explore More: Crater Lake

A few weeks ago, I headed back on the road for another adventure. With a two night stay ahead, I drove the 3-hours to Crater Lake National Park. Every time I’ve been to Crater Lake, I’m reminded of the majesty and vastness of this place.

With a few days of hiking and discovery, the time and space reminded me of the days gone by. The last time I was at Crater Lake, I was with college friends in the winter, the peaks covered in snow and the blue of the lake took a deep note of sapphire. As a child, we journeyed there on family vacation and my brother and I were less than amused by the curvy roads, simple surroundings, and waterfalls in the heat of summer. It’s funny how as an adult, you come to appreciate the simple pleasures, adventures, and natural beauty.

As I stood on the rim, I thought I knew. I thought I remembered the sights I had taken in as a child and looked upon with wonder. Yet as I gazed into the lake, my heart was rendered speechless. I looked down and knew the water was deep-over 1,000 feet deep, and crystal clear, and the bluest of blue my eyes have ever seen. On that rim, life was really good and my “big” problems, just like me, became incredibly small.

Crater Lake you won my heart yet again. From the simple joys of wildflowers, meadows, and waterfalls to rediscovering the color blue- you delighted and surprised me.

A few hikes to check out while you’re there:

The Pinnacles: Reminding me of Gaudi architecture among the buildings in Barcelona, these rock formations are stunning in the way they tower along the sides of the cliffs and cast shadows in the daylight are incredible. It’s a short and level half-mile loop.

The Cleetwood Trail: Use this trail to access the lake. The hike is strenuous and has a steep grade, so make sure to pack plenty of water.

Mt. Scott: Looking for a summit in the park? Head to this trail for the highest point in the park. Expect this trail to take half the day. Pack food, sunscreen, and plenty of water. In the early spring months, this is a great peak to go snowshoeing on.

After a long day of hiking:

Head to the Historic Lodge and grab a drink and relax along the back porch. With wooden rocking chairs, full bar service, and a panoramic view of the lake, it is the perfect place to await your dinner service. (All dinner service in the lodge requires reservations.) Enjoy dinner in the lodge dining room. With all locally sourced fare, the food is delicious and will surprise you. I had the oregon elk with whipped red potatoes and fresh asparagus. To finish the evening off I had a caramel cheesecake. Everyone in our party ordered separate entrees and desserts and were incredibly pleased. If you’re still up for a late-night adventure, enjoy one of the ranger-led stargazing hikes.

What are some of your favorite places to go exploring? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comment section below.