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keep the wild in you

Keep the Wild In You

I’ve always heard that life comes from discipline. It creates margin, space for spontaneity, play, and the fullness of life. It allows space for days off, adventure, photoshoots, and pauses for rest that are vital. In my world, this is something that I do far too well. I’m prone to routine. The days that are scheduled and bursting at the seams are the ones where I thrive. I love work and the purpose it brings to my life. But as fall has come, I’m learning a new value for the wildness of life. What does it look like to have refinement, but the same time mystery and something that feels a bit untamed? How does this part of the heart express itself in the midst of launch weeks, full schedules, and 17 hour days?

For many of you, you might have noticed that the blog has felt a bit quiet lately. It was necessary, creating breathing room and clarity as projects have been in the works. More than anything I am learning that sometimes I didn’t need to create more content, but trust that the space was good. I don’t want to write solely for the sake of writing and creating. It was a beautiful few weeks of rest and allowed for some hard questions to come to the surface. In the blogging world, there’s something about systems, productivity, and monetizing. It would be easy to dive head first into loads of work as a launch is quickly approaching. I look at bloggers that many have seen as making it. They’ve launched the podcast, have the book deals, and multiple apps. While that’s great and inspiring, it’s definitely not what I’m meant to do in this season. Instead, I chose to dive into the untamed moments. The moments of connection, early morning coffees, that provide depths and nuances of meaning to life. I’ve created alongside friends and am absolutely thrilled at the results that have come forth. I’ve found bonfires by the lake, my hands in soil, and fresh perspectives on this town of mine. It’s been amazing.

How do you find balance? What are the wild moments of life that you create and cultivate?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.


mary anne radmacher quote

Tuesday Thoughts: Redefining Courage

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” -Mary Anne Radmacher

This quote is one that I’ve stumbled upon the past few weeks and I have come to love it. As I look at the upcoming season, it’s one where I’ve chosen to find my inner voice and embrace courage in the most important of ways. While living life as a student and a creative entrepreneur, it takes courage. Courage to show up, to run after your dreams, the late nights of work, the pushing projects forward, and choosing to run after goals. The life you want and are running after is never easy to attain but usually comes with loads of hard work.

Today may you find joy in courage. Much of our life, comes from 20 seconds of outrageous courage. Courage to be yourself, to move past your comfort zone, to do hard things,  and be the truest form of who you are.


make the whole beautiful

Monday Words: Make the Whole Beautiful

There are moments when we look back and there are pieces, fragments and seemingly innocuous moments that don’t fit together. Regardless of how you look at them, they just don’t seem to make sense. The chips fall where they fall. Failures and disappointments happen in the ebb and flows of life. More than anything, I’ve learned there’s something about resilience. Having the ability to look at disappointments and failures and move forward changes everything. Over the past year, it seems that this is a lesson I’ve been learning over and over again. However, there is one thing I have learned- failure is never fatal. It’s how quickly and gracefully we get back up that makes all the difference.

This Monday, may your heart find bravery and courage again. May you find beauty in the tides that come in and out, crashing on the shores of life. May you embrace every change and transition that may come, holding close the truest essence of who you are. But more than anything, may you run after the dreams that are on your heart, pursuing wholeheartedness, and finding beauty as things are restored again.

What dreams are you chasing this Monday?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

paula scher quote

Monday Words: Getting Better with Everyday

There’s something about hindsight, isn’t there? The other day I found myself reviewing the first post on the blog. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the past two years. Lately I’ve been thinking about this space and the creative force behind it. I’m always searching for inspiration, whether in music, film, art, story, or makers. I often complete edits late at night on the couch and find myself watching Netflix. Recently I stumbled upon the documentary series called Abstract. I was watching the episode on graphic designer Paula Scher. (This series is similar to Chef’s Table but for spheres within the art industry. I couldn’t recommend it enough.)

There was one line from this episode that stuck with me. She states, “I’m driven by the hope that I haven’t made my best stuff yet.” As a creative this has resonated deeply within. It has been easy in the past few months to feel overwhelmed and playing the constant game of getting caught up. As the business has grown, certain things have had to adjust including this space. It has lead to a production of content that can feel less than showing up with the best.

Upon watching this documentary, I couldn’t help but be inspired. Looking at capital campaigns and stunning designs Paula and her firm have created. The ways she has played, pushing typography to it’s limits and letting words say and mean something intrinsic, something beautiful. It awoke within me why I love design in the first place. Paula’s work for the New York arts, from The Public to handpainted maps, and Citibank logos, she has pushed the boundaries of what it looks like to merge design and the nonprofit world. This week we’re processing through moving forward as creatives. What does it look like to have a cohesive brand, but to see it evolve, grow, having ebb and flow over time? How do you dare, show invention, and push the envelope? What does it look like to back away from the endless streams of content, our screens, and creating through the sketchbooks and color swatches we once loved. We’re looking to different sources of inspiration and making plans to improve this space like never before.

More than anything, we’re focusing on making tomorrow better than today. We aren’t out to top ourselves and making something better than before. Rather we’re embracing the freedom that comes with creativity. The feelings and rush of delight that came with splashing paint on a canvas for the first time. It was wild, beautiful, and unconstrained. We find hope because we know we haven’t made our best stuff yet.


work to live

Monday Words: Work to Live

Work to live. Live to work. One phrase has fullness of meaning, filled with dreams, possibilities, and hope. The other is one that is full of dread, long hours, and lack. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on my workload, sustainability, and building my business. It has come with many hours of thought and deliberation. What I’ve discovered along the way as a freelancer is that while you can work from anywhere, you simultaneously to your work with you everywhere you go… It can be liberating, full of freedom, or it can be crippling.

By nature I’m an achiever. I love to create, get things done, and mark items off my to-do list. I can get more done in a focused afternoon than most people can get done in a whole day. Because of this, I can have laser focus. I plow through work, often times forgetting to eat or sleep. Many have asked over the years if I know how to rest or how to embrace play. It’s something I love, but often gets put to the last item on the list every week. Maybe you can relate. The week is long and full, the things that once took priority, the ways you did self-care, have gotten pushed to the very last thing. How do we work to live? To have resource for what we value, but know when to stop? How do we no longer bow to financial incentives, but instead make the best choices?

This past weekend I decided to make a change. I took a weekend off. I found myself having time to enjoy the gym, having friends over for brunch, working in the garden, catching up on laundry, and as I write this post, I’m refreshed and excited to conquer the pile of work on my desk. It’s a rare feeling for me.

As a creative, it’s easy to press in and push through. There’s the deadlines for clients, the massive amounts to do. As you work from home, there’s blurred lines of where work starts and home begins. More than anything, I’ve found that when I have healthy rhythm, my inspiration floods forth and my creative blocks dissolve quickly.

As you face your day, how are you creating sustainably? Are you working at the sacrifice of self continually? What does it look like to have nice things but not fixate on them? What does it look like to work to live rather than live to work?