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creative loft the plan

Creative Loft: The Plan with Houzz

A few weeks ago, I rolled out the inspiration for my creative loft space. The past month we’ve been busy, sourcing items, and prepping for our last phases of change. Our custom 8 foot desk has been installed and we absolutely love it. Today we’re partnering with Houzz and sharing our plan behind the design.

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Earlier this year during a trip to Portland I stayed in the most stunning birch loft. This space has served as the inspiration for this before and after, governing my choice in materials. I loved their use of plywood throughout the space and the ways they elevated a common substrate. Last year in my room, I installed a single piece of plywood as an affordable headboard option on the wall. With the desk, the choice was simple. An expanse of space and continuing the line of the plywood in a way that was visually appealing. There was only one option to keep aesthetics and clean lines- a built-in desk attached to the wall. We commissioned a friend to build the desk and it is stunning.

For texture, we wanted to mix things up. Keeping the investment pieces neutral we wanted to add a rug, pillows, and throw that are bold in statement and lush in texture. There’s something about the juxtaposition of clean lines and handmade textiles where the contrast is stunning. Pulling colors from the rug, we chose deep blues as the continuous palette throughout.

To add a bit more personality to the room, we’ll be using succulents and airplants for greenery. Adding candles and rose gold accessories, bringing form and function to the table. We’ve been crushing hard on midcentury modern planters and can’t wait to add this desktop version to our workspace.


White Mid Century Office Chair | Vintage Rug | Desktop planter | Organic Sheets |
Down Comforter | Shibori Blue Lumbar Pillow  | Tufted Throw Blanket | Copper lantern | Best candle ever | Custom built desk

Houzz is a great space to gather inspiration for home projects, decor, and renovations. Whether looking for a kitchen remodel or a new set of sheets, they have everything you need for house and home.

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new work in portfolio- the mcconnell foundation-01

New Work In Portfolio: The McConnell Foundation

There comes a time in life where you have a full circle moment. This project was one of those moments for me. Over a year ago, I started a business filled with hope and optimism. Due to unforeseen events, 6 months later I was forced to close that business and was absolutely devastated. I have put my heart and soul into it. Believing in the future of Redding and revitalizing downtown, I didn’t know that a year later I would be allowed to collaborate on a project with an absolute dream client. When the call came to work for The McConnell Foundation, I jumped at the opportunity. Sometimes when you trust that it’s all going to work out, beauty truly comes from ashes. This project became deeply personal as I poured my life into it over the past month.

Today we’re taking you behind the design process as we share the new work in our portfolio for The McConnell Foundation.

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Inspired by the surroundings and texture of The McConnell Foundation, we focused on woods, greens, and a natural palette. It’s currently popular, but on point with their existing identity as we created an additional identity for the event. We love the plays of transparency, overlays, and simple hand lettered marks within the moodboard. It provided strong direction for the final identity and was well loved by the client. (The McConnell Foundation is a private independent foundation located in Redding, California.  As a Northern California broad-based funder, grants are awarded to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, public education, and government entities. They are behind many of the stunning landmarks in Redding, the Land bridge in Yosemite, and are beginning to issue grants abroad.)

mcconnell foundation rough logos

Rough Logos

These were 5 of the logo options presented to the client. Our final logo choice had movement, a contrast with flat and 3D forms, solid shapes and bold use of line. Playing with layovers over foliage images there was depth added to the mark.


When creating collateral for this event, I wanted to create something that was stunning, valuable, and truly showed belief in Downtown Redding. I didn’t want to be limited to simple typography, but rather embrace the idea of a historic line drawing with the contrast of type within the identity and adding a stroke, giving it a hand lettered feel. By adding landmarks throughout Redding, it reminded of what is going well, speaking of hope and future in the people of Redding.

If you’ve ever been in Redding, you know our natural resources are stunningly beautiful. Each attendee to the event received a note stack placed on a birch plywood backer with a matte black brad. It was an updated take on the foundation’s interior and stunning environment they’ve built at Lema Ranch. The wooden texture added permanence and weight to the stack.

Are you a business looking to build out your brand, have the largest impact and step up your game? We currently have client openings for the fall. We’d love to hear from you!

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dreaming of a creative loft

Dreaming of A Creative Loft

Over the past few months our townhome has gone through some changes. It’s the first time I’m living in Redding and have my own room. I can’t tell you the freedom this shift holds. We’re still figuring out things for the fall, but are loving having a dedicated space. Once I knew I had my own space, there was something that I longed for. I was ready to have an 8 foot desk back in my life.

For most of the past three years, I’ve been working from a small parsons desk. That’s right. Everything our studio produces comes from an 1000 square foot townhome and is designed from a 36 inch desk. It was definitely time for an upgrade.

When it came to sourcing our desk we were struggling to find something that had the minimal aesthetic from a retailer within budget. We opted to go the custom route and can’t wait to share with you the results. In most images we saw, we loved the expanse of a thick piece of veneered oak plywood spanning wall to wall. With a door blocking the way and the other available wall having the placement of the bed, we worked with a local carpenter to create a custom desk with a waterfall wooden edge. Coming in at 8 feet long, there is enough space to have an analog desk and a digital desk. We’re dreaming of flatway photography with stunning natural light and a space to work on projects, hand lettering, and sketches. On the other end of our desk, our display, tablet, wireless keyboard, and mouse. We can’t wait to put systems in place to make it work for us in the best way possible.

With the upgrade in desk size, we’re also upgrading a bed. Inspired by our favorite minimal palettes, we will be keeping walls white, add plants, shelving, and a great piece of statement artwork above the bed. With the bed in white, we’ll add texture and color through textiles, accessories, and plants.

As we look to the room as a whole, I’m inspired by some of the favorite loft spaces and AirBnbs I’ve stayed in over the years. They’re sleek, modern, and have the perfect bohemian touches. While I would love to have a dedicated office within our townhome, we don’t currently have the space, so this decision will have to work until we start thinking about a home purchase.

When it comes to the floor, we’ve been crushing on rugs with a vintage kilim style. They’re stunningly gorgeous and vibrant in color. Have any of you placed a rug on a rug before? Did you like it? Hate it? In the past I’ve done this and the rug didn’t stay put.

Looking for more inspiration for your home? Make sure to follow our Interiors board on Pinterest.

Featured image from HGTV, Fixer Upper
Image Sources:  1 | 2 | 3 |4

What home projects are you working on? Any spaces that you’re dreaming of?

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floral bunch DIY

DIY Floral Bundles + Printable Poem

We’re continuing to roll out content from our summer sonnet gathering. (Just in case you missed it, make sure to find yesterday’s post here.) In the past, we’ve dedicated time to elaborate floral design and lofty preparation. With this gathering, a nap won. I think we spent a total of 2 hours prepping the table and the food. We wanted the gathering to feel simple, relaxed, and amazing. This table setting played with smart juxtaposition and textures throughout. We had crisp white plates paired with hand glazed stoneware. Things were made cohesive with a palette of neutrals and pops of blue and greenery. This DIY is simple. Filled with herbs and tea flowers, there’s a subtle sweetness to it. It doubles as something for guests to take with them at the end of the night if they wish.

DIY Floral Bundles

Flower/kitchen shears
Simple wildflowers or herbs (We used lavender stems and camomile.)
Jute twine


Lay out a sample place setting with plates, flatware, glasses, and a knotted napkin. Using the height of the canape plate as your guide, trim your flowers to be one inch shorter. (We purchased our flowers from Trader Joe’s, but you could forage simple wildflowers and herb bushes as well.) Assemble the bunch of flowers in your hand for desired look and trim at a 45 degree angle. Using the twine, wrap it around multiple times and finish with a simple knot. Trim excess ends.

To finish out the place setting, download our printable poem (also the menu) below.

Free Resources

Get the Printable Poem PDF

Are you hosting a summer gathering around the table? We’d love to see it! Use #GGgathers on Instagram.



gather summer sonnet

Gather: A Summer Sonnet

Summertime lends itself to a break in the routine. We embrace the longer days, wake up early to fit everything in and take a bit in the lake at sunset. Night swims and road trips become the norm. With the increased margin, our community has less structure and requires a bit more intention. We had been traveling over the past month and were ready to embrace our community again. While travel seasons and adventure definitely have their appeal, there’s something about reconnecting with those you hold dear.

A few weeks ago, we gathered friends around the common table. It was night that was marked with new introductions, great conversation, and delicious food. Inspired by a concept on the Chef’s Table, our menu was a poem. Within each stanza, we paired a course. Finding cues from the summer season, it allowed the evening to have an element of surprise and whimsy. Our flavors and table lent itself to a coastal vibe. This night was probably one of my favorite gatherings to date.

Lately, we’ve been loving the reentry of indigo, crisp linen, and natural tones. This became the inspiration for our table. We added to our white table setting, these stunning white and blue splatter canape plates from Anthropologie. Rimmed with a golden edge, they are handmade from a ceramicist at Suite One Studio in North Carolina. We placed a small bundle of camomile and lavender, tied with jute. Using additional texture, we used our favorite runner of natural linen. Each place setting was finished with a knotted white napkin, printed out poem, and gold flatware.

For the middle of the table, we played with ferns, classic white roses, pieces of driftwood, and additional notes of lavender and camomile flowers. Due to the heat and wanting to keep the house cool, we opted to leave candles out of this arrangement and firmly believe we made a great choice.

Our menu featured favorite flavors of summer. From zucchini to asparagus, to heirloom tomato, fresh herbs, and seafood from the coast, it was the perfect way to embrace everything this season has brought with it.  We allowed the evening to linger. Glasses of wine and beer were served and we reached our final course of grilled lobster as we hit dusk and cooked underneath the string lights on the patio. As the night progressed we enjoyed a dessert platter of chocolate truffles, artisan chocolate, and fresh fruit. We had guests attending that were either gluten-free or on the Whole30. With a few simple modifications, everyone could partake in the food without extra courses needed. Find our full menu below.

Gather: A Summer Sonnet Menu

Shaved Zucchini and Asparagus Salad
Heirloom Tomato Salad with Whipped Chive Goat Spread
Grilled Lobster Tails
Chocolate Truffles with Fresh Berries

Bonus: We’ll be including digital downloads throughout the week for you to host your own gathering.

If you host a gathering we’d love for you to let us know by using the hashtag #GGgathers on Instagram.

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