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spring wreath diy

Spring Wreath DIY

It was time. Our winter pine wreath had sat on the front door for far too long. It was time to welcome in light blooms, neutral feathers, and something fresh as guests entered our home. Using a coupon and some artificial blooms from the dollar store, this wreath is the perfect note of spring for under $10.

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Spring Wreath DIY

Budget: $10


Grapevine wreath form
Artificial blooms (picked up from the Dollar Store)
Floral wire
Sharp scissors (these are our favorites, functional and beautiful)
Wire cutters
Jute twine
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks

Step one: Trim blooms and remove excess leaves. Using floral wire begin to gather your blooms in bunches and plan out wreath. Lay bunches of flowers in a circular fashion until satisfied with composition.

Step two: Using wire or jute twine, attach flowers to wreath.

Step three: Using hot glue, place a dot of glue on the tips of feathers and tuck into wreath.

Step four: Add door hanger and place on door!

holiday magazine

It’s Here! Glisten and Grace Holiday Magazine

With December finally here, I can’t wait  to roll out this year’s holiday content today. This year, you’ll find the best ideas from Glisten and Grace in the form of a holiday magazine. Consider it a gift from me to you! With DIYs, healthy holiday recipes, capsule wardrobes, and gift guides, it has fresh ideas perfect for the holiday season.

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See something you love? This magazine is interactive.
Here’s how to use it:

Hover over any images and you will find all the sources.
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Merry Christmas and a most happy holidays to you!


garden makeover

Progress Report: Garden Makeover

With fall finally reaching two digit temperatures in the day, I’m excited to be able to use our outdoor living space again. With a few additions and low cost items, I was able to add some seating, greenery, and a small barbeque, perfect to enjoy in the mornings and evenings without having to hop in the car to enjoy fresh air.

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garden makeover before The Before

Basic, sad, and underutilized space. I had dreams of those picture perfect small space patios that you see in large urban areas. (Most of the folks in our complex use theirs as a space to dry laundry. It’s sad really.) I had big dreams and wasn’t willing to give up on my vision. We knew going vertical with our plants was a necessity and we had dreams of pocket planters and lush hanging gardens. With summertime and hot heat, I love the idea of a small grill and wanted the space to accommodate a small charcoal grill as well. While we living in a dry and arid climate, we opted to go crazy with succulents and palms, keeping watering low maintenance.

Our Progress
With a few benches, potted plants, and a concrete succulent wall, the makeover is full on and has been underway for a bit. I’ve been playing with ways to elevate common materials, keeping things budget friendly, while adding a large visual impact. In this garden plan, I’ve kept the palette limited to pale stoneware, terracotta, blacks, whites, and greens. (I’m learning this palette is kind of my go-to in this season and I absolutely love it.) Adding color and texture with fabrics, woods, and plants, it keeps things tight and cohesive. All of our plants are drought friendly, requiring minimal watering or herbs, remaining highly functional and useful, rather than solely ornamental.

My favorite project so far is the concrete succulent wall under the kitchen window. Once completed, it will add an additional serving surface, perfect for a bar or to hold food for any small gathering. The bench is great for additional seating and is anchored by an ivory garden stool for the perfect vignette.

Finishing touches

I’ll be adding lighting poles in the corner to hang our string lights higher than we had previously. I still love globe string lights and have been using this set for years. By using a bit of wire, eye hooks, and sand, the poles will be camouflaged in plant containers placed in the farthest corners of the patio. Saying farewell to playing limbo with string lighting is more than welcome. I have a DIY for hanging planters I need to complete, adding a bit of visual interest to the garden. That and sprucing up a few herbs that have bit the dust. (Poor cilantro, it died in the summer heat on day one.) The final touch? Adding a piece of reclaimed lumber to the top of the succulent wall. Then this project will be complete and ready for those cozy fall nights. Bring on the tea, blankets, and hot toddies!

bedroom makeover

Progress Report: Bedroom Makeover

Over the past few months, I’ve been telling you all that I’ve been working on some home and DIY projects. While I have a few more projects to go, I wanted to give you all an update and share what I’ve been up to. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a few of these images already. Inspired by some of my favorite materials and minimal design, my room is starting to look like a place I actually want to spend time in. To be honest, my bedroom usually is the last space I invest in. But with a few simple tricks and keeping a strict budget, I’m really pleased with how the room is shaping up.

The Challenge: A two-fold dilemma

Side one: I live with roommates. Around here, this is pretty common and something that varies the investment people make in their rentals. Money is often tight for students around here, meaning spaces don’t often get the love they deserve. It’s common to share a room with someone that values a different aesthetic to yourself, meaning compromise or sourcing items you may not love.

Side two: When it comes to designing this room, my primary goal was to avoid it looking like a dorm room or kids space. As I was looking for design inspiration, nearly every image I found with two twin beds had this vibe. I’m 28, so that really isn’t an option. I love things to be minimal, but are quality pieces and look expensive. I love white walls, a strong contrast of black, woven and wood textures, and pops of fresh greenery. I usually end up sourcing items from the Internet or take on DIY projects to get the desired look I want.

bedroom makeover Before (Sad I know!)

The space was empty with little furniture and needed some serious attention. With minimal interior design, furniture sourcing is super important. I went to Craigslist combing for an affordable midcentury pieces I could find and repurposed some items I had previously purchased. (A big tip! For household items you know you will no longer be using, take the time to post items for sale on Craigslist or in Facebook groups. I sold items I no longer wanted which helped cover costs for additional purchases.)


While I was super hesitant to take on a painting project in a rental, it made all the difference. (Make sure to talk to your landlord about this first.) I’ve lived in places where I’ve longed for white walls since moving to Redding (3 falls) and I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have them. It truly makes all the difference for all the other pieces I added. The other big difference is the plywood lower wall. Using one and a half pieces of plywood and a few drywall anchors, it was a great and affordable solution when it came to featuring the beds and makes a big visual statement. For clothing storage,  a midcentury paint and stain treatment on IKEA rast dressers was a great solution. Because the dressers are smaller in scale, it allowed for us to place additional storage at the foot of our beds, while keeping pathways clear. By hanging a large round mirror and balancing it out with hats on the wall, it added a bit of glam and visual interest to that side of the wall.

Finishing touches

For the wall closest to the hallway we still need to install floating shelves, add a bit of artwork and hang the items that are currently leaning on the desk. I’m trying to figure out ways to manage clutter, add storage, and keep surfaces simple. That and plants. I love our big houseplant in the corner by the dresser and am looking for ways to add some additional greenery for texture and visual interest keeping your eye moving around the room. You’ll notice a few touches of bright copper finishes throughout the space. With a bit of copper spray paint, I might have a new obsession and love it. I’m trying to figure out sourcing or building a blanket ladder for a storing and displaying few mexican and turkish blankets I have. This would go to the right of the floating shelves.

Are you completing any home improvement projects or DIYs this fall?
Let us know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


Bar Cart Basics

When it comes to feeling grown up, there’s nothing quite like a bar cart to do the trick. This has been something I’ve been wanting for a while, but didn’t have the space until recently. Using a dresser without drawers as the base for our credenza and bar, we used items we had on hand to style it out.

Keep reading for the full post, bar cart essentials, and our favorite libations after the jump!

The furniture

Of course you can purchase any bar cart, but I was looking for something that provided space and storage for entertaining essentials that would no longer fit in our kitchen. I love this idea and thought it would be the perfect addition to the empty space toward the end of our living room. By sanding down the rough spots of paint and giving it a fresh new coat, we were able to breathe new life into this dresser. Getting inexpensive plywood cut down, we placed these sheets of wood where the drawers once were, and gave additional reinforcement where the braces had broken down. It now provides great open shelving for platters, wood serving boards, and bowls we don’t use on the daily. We also added a great set of matte black stoneware from IKEA. We absolutely love it and can’t wait to feature it in some photoshoots for the fall season.

The containers

I personally believe every bar cart needs a bit of sparkle, some greenery, and pieces with a little soul. Keeping the palette neutral with pops of green, our bar cart keeps its order with a vintage silver tray for glass wear and a beautiful shaker. (We purchased our shaker on clearance a few seasons ago from the Anthropologie holiday collection and are so happy it finally has the place of honor it deserves.) Our liquor, mortar and pestle, and jigger stays put in a great vintage briefcase we were given a while ago. We love the way it keeps everything organized but adds a great and unexpected touch to the space.

Where to Begin with Liquors, Mixers, and Garnishes?

We slowly started acquiring our liquor collection by purchasing what we needed for specialty cocktails. It has taken a bit of time, but I can now confidently say we have the ability to make almost any drink we desire.


Whiskey/Bourbon- I’m a Kentucky girl so I will always have a Bourbon from my hometown. Currently, Bulleit bourbon is the bourbon of choice.

Gin- Smooth and clean

Tequila- Gold label Cuervo for the win. My margaritas are amazing and this plus some Patron is the trick

Rum- Mojitos anyone? This is a great base for all of those sweet and fruity drinks you like.

Vodka- Great for martinis. I usually do an olive or twist of lemon in my drink rather than consuming straight. Also if you’re looking to make some boosy popsicles, vodka or rum is great base.


TJ Margarita Mix- If I had loads of time, I would squeeze lime juice for hours to make margaritas. This base is great as it has simple ingredients and you can make margaritas in a snap. I love using it as a base for non-traditional margaritas as well. Whether it is peach, watermelon, or blood orange, it’s my go-to.

Patron- I use this orange liqueur in place of Cointreau and Triple Sec. It gives a more lux and full bodied flavor to drinks, keeping things pure and removing any artificial taste.

Vermouth- Smooth and dry. I love putting vermouth in my sangrias to bulk them up and to a classic martini to add a bit of smoothness.

Club soda/sparkling mineral water- Usually always on hand, as many cocktail recipes call for it. Mojito or a tequila collins anyone?


Your garnishes will largely depend on what cocktail you decide to make. We usually always have fresh citrus and olives on hand, in addition to a variety of fruits. I typically shorten bamboo skewers if I want to do a large garnish for a highball, if not everything goes on the rim of the glass or is balanced over the mouth with a toothpick.

The Tools

We can’t recommend getting a jigger, cocktail shaker, and mortar enough. We use the mortar for muddling items in the glass. It’s super helpful for making things like moscow mules, mojitos, or mint juleps.

Ready to get started? Here are some great cocktail recipes to try.

Winter Citrus Sangria
Cranberry Pomegranate Sangria
The New Fashioned
Pomegranate Mimosas
Peach Margaritas
Blood Orange Margaritas
Basil Gin Lemonade
Rosemary Bourbon Sour
Cranberry Orange Martini