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Casual Friday: Vol 5

Happy Friday everyone!

We’ve had a full week getting back into the swing of things and enjoying the holiday. Our day was filled with friends, pools, and string lights, which are pretty much our favorite. Around the studio we’ve been wrapping up work for clients (we can’t wait to show you some fresh collateral) and working on bumping up our personal business game. Lately, it’s looked like iteration upon iteration of wireframes, sitemaps, and logo redesigns. But we can’t tell you how excited we are for this space to get a fresh (and much needed) overhaul. The features are going to be great and will serve you far better than what is present.

Keep reading for a few updates on life lately after the jump!

Every time I go to Seattle, the trip is a bit different. More than anything, I’m reminded of the value of family and cherish time with my littles. (I have two nieces, a brother, and sister-in-love there. The littles are 1.5 and 4 which are really fun ages.) Whether it’s dancing in the kitchen, going to the coffee shop and smelling the beans, or skipping rocks into the Sound, there’s something about the wonder of a child. Seeing life through their eyes, helps you discover wonder, mystery, and joy through the ordinary nuances of my day. This one keeps me inspired and learning how to love bigger than I ever thought before.

I’m currently loving these sandals and have worn them almost everyday since returning from New York. From one of my favorite companies, Everlane, the Bridge Sandal is the perfect blend between a casual and dress sandal. I love them. They look smart and can pair with anything.

Road trips have definitely become a favorite over the years and I can’t really explain why. On my most recent one, I discovered that love solo travel. Maybe I just needed a bit of introvert time or needed that bonding experience between myself and my latest car purchase. Regardless, it was the first time in years I had enough time to listen to podcasts, stop when and where I desired, and take in the long drives. I don’t know how much more solo travel will happen in the next two months, but I’m excited to embrace the rest of summer. Next stops? SoCal where the air is coastal, Big Sur lives, and it’s 40 degrees cooler.

Here are a few things we’re loving on the Internet lately:

  • With crazy hot temps, we’ve been binging on Netflix and have been loving Mind of a Chef. Make sure to watch season three where my hometown is highlighted. (Still a little bit Kentucky proud.)
  • We’ve been prepping for a bedroom/creative studio makeover. I wonder, “What are your thoughts about having a desk in your bedroom? The good, bad, and the ugly?” Let me know in the comments below.
  • Let’s talk about Jenna Kutcher and her podcast. I’m pretty obsessed with it at the moment. Make sure to check out her full site and freebies.
  • Since returning from travel season, we’ve been getting back to clean eating, meal prepping, and eating as close to the Paleo diet as possible. This vegan tahini dressing is truly magical. We’ve been putting on everything. From Mediterranean bowls to a fun dip to have with crudites. Getting creative with recipes and meal prep has helped us stay the course, embracing the discipline and structure boundaries can bring.
  • The sandals above? They’re super comfortable and the perfect replacement to my Everlane sandals from 4 seasons ago. Find them here.

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