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Getting Real: How to Overcome Rejection

Life has good seasons, ebbs and flows to it. There are peaceful partings where forks in the road come, relationships naturally change, and there’s mutual understanding. Then there’s the other moments. The romantic relationship that ends unexpectedly, the friend of years that walks out, or the dream job where they love your work, but don’t necessarily love you. At some in life, we all face rejection, loneliness, and the hurt that comes with it. But how we deal with rejection, pain, and moving forward, determines the ability for our heart to love and lend trust to others again.

Over the past two years, I’ve gone through an intensive process and have found that overcoming rejection was one of my biggest victories. Very rarely in life and love do we talk about vulnerability, rejection, and hurt. While it brings depths of meaning to the relationships where people choose us, as we navigate life, we’re rarely given tools to face pain, cope with it, and overcome rejection. We tell ourselves time will heal wounds and we learn how to put our feet on the ground every morning. If we’re perfectly honest, no one wants to identify themselves as someone who struggles with rejection and acceptance.

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the past few years that have been vital.

Learn to face your pain.

It’s easy to run from our pain, push it down, and try to keep on navigating life. Learn how to healthfully express your pain, validate the emotion you’re feeling, and choose not to remain in those feelings. Sometimes it might mean writing things out in a journal or verbally processing with a trusted friend. (For most of us, an honest hour conversation with a trusted friend could replace hours in therapy.) 

Get a fresh vision for what you desire as you move forward.

Once we experience a painful experience with others it’s easy to wall ourselves off, becoming closed off and a fortress. It leads to superficial relationships, lacking the very depth and nuances of meaning we truly desire. Once a bit of time has past, ask yourself the kind of community, romantic relationship, or career opportunity it is that you desire. As you put pen to paper, focus on the things you do desire, rather than solely the negative. What are the things you value in friendship, the kind of people you desire to surround yourself with? What culture do you long to be in?

Love yourself.

I never thought I had an issue loving myself, but I am surprised how often it can come up. Whether it’s negative thoughts toward my body, the way I age, or the way I take care of myself throughout the week, it can become apparent. How we think about ourselves often is the way we view others as well. Choose to look in the mirror and practice positive self-talk. Statistically we have 27,000 negative thoughts run through our head throughout the day. Learn to love yourself by capturing anything less than true and throwing it out the window while driving down the I-5. Get into the practice of doing this and you’ll find it transferring to the way you see others as well. During a season where rejection has felt somewhat brutal, give yourself the necessary treats to love yourself. You’ve lived with you for a while, so you know what you need. For me, this means good night’s sleep, some great time in prayer and scripture, and healthy food that my body craves. When I do this and workout, my body feels so much better.

Find the positive and encouraging friends that bring out the best in you.

I love to surround myself with champions. They’re the people that champion me, ask the best questions, and our absolutely killing it in their fields and spheres of influence. When I’m around these people I know I’m going to have a great time. We can laugh together, cry together, lean on one another for support, and celebrate each other’s wins. There’s something about surrounding yourself with people that inspire you and you walk away challenged, stretched, and smiling. These communities of people are rare gems. Once you have these relationships, cultivate them, hold onto them, and enjoy them for as long as the season lasts. They will be anchors and benchmarks in your life.

Know this you belong.

What’s the opposite of rejection? It’s acceptance, love, and belonging. What makes you believe that you belong? You were meant to take up space. To be the bold, audacious, loud, quiet, strong, gentle, tender being that you are. The things you believe about the world, others, and faith shape the way you see everything. For me my faith, encounters with the living God, the ways he has spoken, shown love, care, and acceptance over and over again have changed everything for me over the past few years. It has been the core of who I am and the anchor through whatever I may face and how I have overcome rejection. I know that I belong and that I am enough.

What are some of the ways that you overcome rejection?

spring silk grana 1

Spring Silk with Grana

As a kid, I remember my mom’s silk blouse. It was the essence of femininity and the fancy piece she afforded herself in an otherwise simple wardrobe. With flowy sleeves and pearlized buttons, she only wore it for the most special of occasions. Whether it was date nights or weddings, this piece made it’s appearance when mom needed a break from being mom and wanted to express beauty unlike any other. As I aged, I learned that silk processing has come a long way from the blouse that once lived in my mom’s closet. A perfect basic for ripped skinnies, a flowy tank for date nights, or a summer dress paired with a simple sandal. Silk has stayed premium and luxurious, while more accessible to the public. Today we’re teaming up with our friends at Grana as we style our favorite silk dress for the spring.

Keep reading for the full look after the jump!

When it comes to summer we love to keep looks simple, classic, and put together. This piece does it well with well thought out editorial basics. With the touches of gold in our favorite minimal gold jewelry, a lace up sandal, and nude lip, this look is perfect for summer and can be elevated for the office or a bit more laid back for a bonfire by the lake. (Around here, our day can span both pretty easily.)

Sandals from Madewell
Watch from Cluse
Jewelry from Hadley Frances
Dress from Grana
Lipstick Stain from Tarte in Birthday Suit

For our readers: Grana is generously offering anyone 10% off their first purchase using this link. Give your summer wardrobe a quick update and treat yourself.

This post was sponsored by our friends at Grana. Thank you for continuing to support brands that support Glisten and Grace.


5 Ways to Reach Your Financial Goals

5 Ways to Reach Your Financial Goals

I’ve always been a goal oriented person. Over the years, goals have changed and evolved from health to fashion to business goals. As 2017 rolled around, it came great changes. The business and blog evolved. Partnerships closed and collaborations, new clients, and opportunities opened up. As an entrepreneur, I’m incredibly aware of my ability to increase or decrease my income. I determine my income ceiling. I’m 6 months from turning 30 and can’t tell you how amazing my finances have been in my 29th year. I set a goal to increase my sales and services by $20,000 this year. (It comes out to increasing service revenue by $5,000 a quarter which has proven to be very manageable.) Yes, that’s a significant increase and it’s strategic. I have a few pending major purchases and knew I wanted to make and save some serious money this year. As I have these purchasing long-term goals in mind, it’s been easy to save. Maybe for you, you’re hoping to pay down debt, build an emergency fund, or make a major purchase.

Here are 5 tips we’ve learned along the way to help reach our financial goals.

1. Be conscientious about your spending.

When it comes to credit and debit cards, it’s easy to lose track of your balance. Not ready to ditch the perks of credit cards and shift to the cash envelope system? Keep track of your expenses through the calculator app on your phone. Get into the habit, by making sure you enter the amount into the calculator right after checkout and prior to leaving the store. It takes around 10 seconds and you’ll create a great habit.

2. Live off one paycheck a month. 

For most of us, we get paid on a bi-weekly basis. As our income grows, we often allow our expenses to increase with our income. By keeping living expenses to one paycheck a month, it allows you to save the other check. With saving half of your monthly income, you can reach financial goals quickly and get past living paycheck to paycheck.

3. Cut the excess expenses in your budget.

It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing, coffees, eating out, and entertainment throughout the month. Set a budget and choose to meal prep and make your cold brew at home. (We have an awesome recipe for cold brew right here. And teach you how to buy organic for $50 a week.)

4. Pursue multiple streams of income.

As an entrepreneur or career minded person, it’s always wise to diversify finances and pursue multiple streams of income at the same time. Whether a student, working multiple side jobs, or being self-employed, figure out ways to develop passive income or increase the money coming in through additional jobs. This is a great way to increase money coming in allowing you to reach your financial goals faster. Keep a spreadsheet of your income. This will track multiple streams, allowing for estimates in income growth for each quarter, allowing for ebb and flow throughout the year, knowing where hustle and rest need to find their natural rhythm.

5. Keep your goals in front of you.

Whether it’s a major purchase, paying down debt, or filling in a paper thermometer to track your income increase, set your long-term goals in front of you. It will keep you moving forward as you visualize the best option for your finances. We keep a mood board with all things financial goals in our Evernote app. It’s on our phone all the time and great for referencing when we need additional inspiration.

Looking for more resources on finances?

We love this blog. The Financial Diet is great and our go-to resource when it comes to being a creative entrepreneur and becoming financially savvy.

Dave Ramsey is a master and with good reason. If you’re looking for an intensive and needing to pay down debt quickly, we can’t recommend him enough.

This is a blog post on our past relationship with finances and one worth rereading. Getting Real: From Broke to $10K

Interested in a fun challenge? We spent one week living off of $0. Find the full series of posts, as we completed the No Money Challenge. Intro | 2 | 3 | 4

What are your current financial goals? Any tips that have worked for you?

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below.

summer yogurt bowls

Summer Yogurt Bowls

Whether you’re looking to mix up your morning routine, or just trying to get breakfast in your busy day, this recipe is quick, doesn’t require any heat, and is absolutely beautiful. If you are someone who loves making sure your food looks pretty this recipe can’t be beat. Our favorite way to make this recipe is to spend a slow Saturday strolling through the farmer’s market, picking the freshest fruit our hearts can find. In a bowl of flavored greek yogurt you have protein for the day and fresh fruits to naturally sweeten the tart flavor of the yogurt.

Keep reading for the full recipe after the jump!

Summer Yogurt Bowls


Base Greek yogurt


Chia Seeds

Coconut shavings

For extra sweetness:

Cocoa Nibs


Begin by cleaning fruit and drying off on paper towel. In a blender, add whatever berries you would like for flavoring your Greek yogurt base. For our bowls, we love to blend strawberries and then add a bit of plain yogurt to the mix. Begin by layering on toppings. We loved the mixed berry combination with kiwi and mango. It’s fresh and delicious. If you’re wanting to have a healthy midday snack in the summer heat, pop your completed bowl in the freezer for 20 minutes for it to freeze up. It’s a great way to cool off without any extra sugar. Happy eating!


cheers to the weekend

Cheers to the Weekend

Happy Friday everyone!

Wow what a week it has been. Between graduations, mother’s day, and saying farewell to friends as they leave for distant lands some for longer than I would like. May is always a season of transition, of hard goodbyes, and figuring out the next steps. While it is my third May in this community, I can’t say that the practice has made farewells any easier. I’m welcoming my travel in the upcoming weeks as a slight reprieve and embracing all that comes with the summer months. I’m hoping to find a few adventures and moments of downtime during the weekend. Also, pool parties and nights on the patio will become the norm as we hit our first week of triple digits temperatures. You will find me hibernating inside or in the water from now until September.

Here are a few links I’ve been loving on the Internet lately:

Everlane just released these slip dresses and I’m absolutely in love. Minimal basics that will be sure to breathe and keep you cool throughout the summer heat.

When it comes to staying cool, I love dessert more than anything else. This is particularly true when it comes to ice cream. Looking for great clean eating recipes that don’t require an ice cream maker? Grab the Whole Scoop from the Whole Food Diary. We love their recipes and can’t wait to try out recipes in this book.

Inspired by the ways women have chosen to collaborate and put aside comparison, check out this ladies gathering and simple evening by The Fresh Exchange. It will be sure to delight and inspire you. I can’t wait to host a few events like this throughout the summer.

I’ve been researching and saving and researching a bit more for some big steps in life. While I’m not sure of the timing, I have some goals in mind and within the next few years it will mean more permanent roots in this town of mine. Until then I’ve been torn between the builder basic homes and finding the worst fixer upper on the block and gutting it all. Home tours have become a favorite of mine and this home tour from Design Sponge is no different. My favorite part? The bathroom and tile combinations.

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What are you up to this weekend?