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Welcome to Glisten & Grace.

I’m Melissa Jones. I own Glisten & Grace Design Studio, and am excited about sharing my life with you. On this blog I share recipes, my travels, DIY projects, and bits of my life here in Northern California.

In the past my jobs have been quite varied. I’ve been an ice cream scooper, barista, student pastor, and missionary.Recently, I started launched a physical location with other creatives. Now I can add partner of WORK in Downtown Redding as well. More than odd jobs, there’s been an underlying theme throughout, I love design and the restoration of a page. Studying interactive media and graphic design in university, I fill my days with creating brilliant design solutions for companies, creative entrepreneurs, and small businesses. 

Why Glisten & Grace?

Over the years I have learned that living well takes practice and loads of intentionality. In the land of Pinterest perfect images and a constant influx of a new standard of perfectionism, I thought an honest approach to life, one that can be lived beautifully and simply, is much needed. There’s something about looking at our flaws, finding beauty in the imperfections, and realizing we are all perfectly imperfect. It’s with this grace that I build and curate the life a love. There’s incredible beauty in acknowledging where we are, learning lessons, and moving forward.

So here’s to embracing our little quirks, nuances, details, and the incredibly mundane moments. And here’s to permitting ourselves the grace for improvement, dreaming dreams again, to taking little steps forward, stargazing, beautiful conversations, great cups of coffee, midnight dance parties, big bear hugs, and savoring the small, seemingly minute moments that provide purpose and meaning to our lives.

With bunches of grace,


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